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Weekend Happenings: Naked & Skyfall


cinnamon raisin pancakes topped with Chobani + peanut butter frosting + shredded unsweetened coconut

discovered the office gym during lunch

pink pedi

first time trying Naked Pizza = YUM!

artichokes + jalapenos + mushrooms + olives + roasted red peppers + spinach

snap, crackle, pop


turkey bacon, mushroom + spinach scramble topped with salsa, & Van’s waffles topped with banana + feta + pistachios + shredded unsweetened coconut

45 minutes spinning & 45 minutes TNT training

 kamut cereal + Banana Choco Chip VitaTop + banana + shredded unsweetened coconut + Silk Light Vanilla soymilk


cinnamon pancakes topped with cinnamon Chobani + peanut butter frosting + apple butter + fresh sweetened cranberries

ruby red grapefruit

Jame Bond Skyfall [it. was. awesome!]

such a sweepy buddy

Unpictured weekend happenings: watching Life As We Know It, a piping hot bowl of chocolate chip peanut butter banana oats for breakfast, a massage, a new iPhone, apartment cleaning, and grocery shopping…

…and tomorrow is a holiday [in honor of Veteran’s Day today].  In the morning I’m meeting a girlfriend for a walk but I’m not sure what Ryan and I will do in the afternoon.  Peanut Butter Cereal Brownies sound enticing 😉  Hip, hip, hooray for 3-day weekends!



Question:  Do you have a 3-day weekend?

Question:  Are you a Bond fan?  I am all about chicky flicky movies but I also enjoy a good action movie [with cute actors] now and then!



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Felt the Burn

My problem isn’t getting to the gym, my problem is that I favor cardio > strength training.  Why?  Because no matter how many fitness articles I read, I still don’t know what the heck I’m doing when it comes to weights.  The bike, elliptical, and treadmill are easy: you set the incline and/or resistance and move your legs.  Weight machines are pretty easy too: you set the weight, complete 10-15 reps, and repeat 3 times.  Done and done.

My struggles are that when I’m on a weight machine [or are using free weights], I have no clue what weight I should use or if my form is correct.  Do I pull all the way down or just halfway?  Do I inhale or exhale?  How fast or slow should I be going?  There are so many factors!


With this in mind, Ryan and I signed up to try a strength training program at our gym two days this week.   Holy heck, Tuesday night we got our butts kicked for 45 minutes!  Our instructor started with a few ab exercises and then proceeded to take us through a circuit of strength training exercises, focusing on our shoulders and thighs [with 2 sets of lunges in between each set]…  We. felt. the. burn.

pardon my facial expression, this picture must be mid-adrenaline rush, ha!

Our instructor mentioned that we may feel sore later but that would be normal.  Wednesday morning I woke up feeling okay, a little sore in my shoulders but still had enough strength to make a stack of waffles 😉  Ryan woke up and didn’t want to move!

On Wednesday we were instructed to choose a routine from a cardio script; I chose to hop on the elliptical.  I typically do intervals on the elliptical, but only alternate between 2 levels and each interval lasts 4-8 minutes, just enough time to get lost in a magazine and lose track of what I’m at the gym to do, to sweat.  This routine doesn’t allow you to do that, it keeps you attentive because the intervals change every 2 minutes.  With a good playlist, the workout goes by super fast!

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s a workout so try it maybe?


2-Minute Elliptical Ladder

0:00- 2:00  level 2 resistance

2:00- 4:00  level 4 resistance

4:00- 6:00 level 6 resistance

6:00- 8:00 level 8 resistance

8:00- 10:00 level 10 resistance

decrease resistance to 2 and repeat


*Repeat as many times as you’d like.  The ladder takes 10 minutes to complete.*

I did 4 ladders for a total of 40 minutes followed by a 5-minute cooldown.  With the little energy I had left, I did some medicine ball twists and Tina’s 8-Minute Plank ChallengeI. felt. the. burn.

When I got home I refueled with a gigantic [unpictured] kitchen sink salad, eggs topped with avocado, and crumpets with peanut butter.  Eggs and avocado is a winning combination- it’s packed with protein and healthy fats, it’s super simple, and it’s super satisfying!

Tonight we have training session #2 and assuming we can still sign our names at the end of the class, I have a feeling we’ll be signing up for the 13-week program that starts next week…  Bring. on. the. burn!

“It’s that first step—getting out the door—that’s the toughest. If you can do that, you’ve already won.”

~Mary J. Blige



Question:  What do you prefer, cardio or strength training?

Question:  Do you have a personal trainer or attend any group training classes?  Have you seen any improvements with your form or overall strength?


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What I’m Loving Wednesday 10.10.12

I’m loving… F.A.L.L.

[all the flavors, scenery, and scents]

I’m loving… Looking at puppy Halloween costumes!

[we’re taking suggestions for Charlie!  a pumpkin?  a super hero?  a monster?]


I’m loving… Pancakes.

[cinnamon applesauce ‘cakes are my latest and greatest *recipe coming soon*]

I’m loving… Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy.

[it’s going to be a hilariously awesome and suspenseful TV season]



I’m loving… Avocados.

[not a new love, but still a strong love]

I’m loving…  Exploring Whole Foods during my lunch break.

[a few new-to-me products but unfortunately not all of them were worth the purchase]

I’m loving…  Incorporating strength training into my daily sweat session.

[it’s time to turn these mushy muscles into strong muscles]

I’m loving…  My momma’s birthday present, the iPhone 5!

[it’s always fun to play with a new gizmo]




P.S.  I’m not loving…  A liquid diet.

[prepping for my procedure on Friday]

Question:  What are you loving?

Question:  Have you ever tried drinking apple cider vinegar?  In my opinion, it wasn’t *that* bad but it wasn’t great.  I don’t think I’ll be purchasing it again anytime in the near future.


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