Faces of LAB

Three of the most common faces featured on LAB…


23-years-old.  Loves to cook, sweat, and to shop.  Favorite color is pink.  Thinks chicky-flicky movies are the best.  Believes that coffee and dark chocolate are two of the best forms of energy.  Finds pleasure in organizing and planning.  Could eat fruits and veggies all day, every day.


29-years-old.  Loves to skateboard, anything computer related, and to drink beer.  Favorite color is blue.  Remembers every single line from the silliest movies.  Prefers pizza over salad.  Enjoys playing with his buddy Charlie.  Receives his daily morning fuel from peanut butter puffs.


1-year old toy poodle.  Loves to chew on bones, empty water bottles, and to cuddle.  Favorite activity is wrestling with his dad.  Believes that the best treats are bacon flavored.  Learned how to huff and puff from his momma.  Thinks leaves are alive.  Has a big fear of water.

And of course there will be other faces making appearances now and then!


3 responses to “Faces of LAB

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  2. Sara

    you are so pretty!!! ❤ love your fam photo!

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