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Phone Facts

Fact:  Cell phones and I do not get along.

Fact:  Whenever I get a new cell phone, there’s always a problem.

Fact:  Only 1 of all the cell phone problems I’ve had has been my fault.

Fact:  The 1 problem caused by me was due to sheer stupidity, I’ll admit it.  I was a silly college kid.

Fact:  Do not attempt to simultaneously hold an umbrella, open a door, and prop a phone up to your ear while talking to your boyfriend at the same time.  In the rain.

Fact:  iPhone screens shatter very easily when dropped [spoken from experience].

Fact:  I received an awesome present from my momma for my birthday this year, an iPhone 5.  Thanks momma!

Fact:  I’ve used up more data over the past 4 weeks with my iPhone 5 than I ever used over the 2 years I had an iPhone 4.

Fact:  After a few phone calls to Verizon and a trip to the Apple Store this afternoon, I have yet again traded in my original phone for a new phone.

Fact:  I’m hoping for the best that this phone is better than the last…  Fingers crossed!

Fact:  My original idea for today’s post was postponed because it’s almost 9PM aka my bedtime.  Goodnight 🙂




Question:  Share a fact!

Question:  What’s your favorite phone app?



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L.O.F. [lots of fun]


Daily Memorable Moment May 2: It was a fun night with friends 😛

Question: What’s your favorite white wine?

Question:  Who do you want to win the Stanley Cup?!


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Rain, Raisins, & Movies

The past two mornings I’ve woken up to pitter patter on my window…

and cinnamon raisin brancakes on my plate!

Yesterday Ryan and I saw 21 Jump Street


and today we’re meeting a few friends to see The Hunger Games!


Daily Memorable Moment March 24:  It was a great day- I caught up with a couple girlfriends over coffee, bought a new pair of running sneakers, had a lunch and movie date with Ryan, bumped into my momma and aunt at the mall, and had a quiet night at home!  Exactly what I wanted, rather needed, after feeling so rotten on Friday…

Question:  Have you seen 21 Jump Street or The Hunger Games?

Question:  Cinnamon raisin, yay or nay?


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