Marvelous In My Monday [MIMM] 11.12.12

The weather the past 3 days has been a real treat, much more enjoyable than the blustery and cool weather that rolled in last week…  Today was no different, sunny and spring-like, I definitely wanted to take advantage of it and be outside!  My Monday was just as marvelous as my weekend!

Marvelous…  3-day weekends [whoop, whoop].


Marvelous…  A peppermint skim cappuccino from Starbucks.

Marvelous…  A peanut butter pancake bowl for breakfast.

Marvelous…  A long walk with a girlfriend, chatting about recent happenings and “it’s so bad, it’s so good” TV shows.

Marvelous…  A spicy salsa lentil stuffed pepper topped with melty mozzarella cheese for lunch.

Marvelous…  Chobani brownies topped with Peanut Butter Puffins.

Marvelous…  Going to the driving range and playing mini golf with Ryan.

Marvelous…  On-the-go afternoon snacks.

Marvelous…  A successful sweat session of 35 minutes spinning + 10 minutes stairs followed-up with TNT’s week 2 challenge and abs.

Week 1 Challenge

15 push-ups

20 squats

30 homework crunches

50 jumping jacks

*3 times through with no rest*

Week 2 Challenge

50 push-ups

1 mile run/ jog/ walk

Marvelous…  Watching He’s Just Not That Into You and the smell of pizza cooking in the oven for dinner.


Marvelous…  MIMM, thanks Katie from Healthy Diva Eats!  I always enjoy reading other people’s marvelous posts, it’s a great way to start the week on a positive note 🙂



Question:  What’s your favorite “it’s so bad, it’s so good” TV show?

Question:  Have you ever baked with yogurt?  Do you have a favorite recipe?



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17 responses to “Marvelous In My Monday [MIMM] 11.12.12

  1. pickyrunner

    There are so many marvelous things going on in this post! I could comment on all of them! But I think my favorites are the long weekend- seriously the best!- the mini golf, and the long walks with friends. Your weekend was perfect! Also, pancake bowl? I’m not a peanut butter fan but I’m 100% intrigued by what that entails… slash I’m craving pancakes. Now.

    • Haha, I wish every weekend could be as good! Although, I may have to find some indoor activities with the winter weather approaching… Pancakes [especially in bowls with lots of toppings ] are awesome, I highly recommend 😉

  2. What a marvelous weekend you had! I haven’t played mini golf in so long! I hate to admit that I watch a few “it’s so bad, it’s so good” TV shows. One… okay maybe two of the Real Housewives (OC and Beverly Hills), Kardashians, and Jersey Shore. I only allow myself to watch them now if I’m on the elliptical exercising at the same time. That makes it okay right?

    • Haha I used to watch the Real Housewives all the time but haven’t seen the recent seasons… I heard that Beverly Hills is a bit redic this season with all of the drama carrying over from last season, eek! And the Kardashians is one of my guilty watches while working out, it’s always on!

  3. Those brownies look to die for!! My mouth is watering!

    My favorite “it’s so bad, it’s so good” TV shows would have to be the Housewives series, Teen Mom 2, The Real World, Keeping up with the Kardashians, etc. Can you tell I watch a lot of reality TV? 😉

    • I love reality TV too! Do you watch any of the TLC shows? I used to watch the Real Housewives all the time but haven’t recently… The Kardashians seems to always be on TV so that’s usually what I watch at the gym 😛

      • I used to love Jon and Kate Plus 8 and Quints by Surprise but those shows are no longer…now I mostly just watch the wedding shows on TLC, The Little Couple, and sometimes Toddlers and Tiaras…man, how did I forget to mention Toddlers and Tiaras in my original post??

      • I used to watch Jon & Kate, those kids were so cute! I am a sucker for the wedding shows and I’ve caught a few minutes of Breaking Amish, it’s crazyyy!

  4. Alison

    I am also intrigued by that pancake bowl! Especially since I LOVE peanut butter! I’ve baked with greek yogurt before and it is great! I’ve made these: SO GOOD! I also sub yogurt for oil in box mixes of pumpkin muffins. 🙂

  5. A peppermint cappuccino?! Why didn’t I ever think to add a flavor shot to my capp?!? Definitely going to have to look into changing that soon. And I actually add yogurt to most of the recipes that I make because I find that it makes them nice and soft [aka: moist] without changing the flavor much. Butttttttt because you asked for a specific recipe, nothing comes to mind 😆 Hate when that happens…

    • Haha that always happens to me, I’ll be thinking of things randomly but when it comes down to it, I never can remember! I usually sub applesauce when baking but Cho was a great swap yesterday, probs my new go-to 🙂

  6. HEY that is exactly like my week this week. I’m traveling (as I’ve probably spammed up your instagram feed enough with) so I only have to work 3 days. Great workouts! That looks rigorous!

  7. Puffins – brilliant brownie topper. Now I have a craving… 🙂

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