Phone Facts

Fact:  Cell phones and I do not get along.

Fact:  Whenever I get a new cell phone, there’s always a problem.

Fact:  Only 1 of all the cell phone problems I’ve had has been my fault.

Fact:  The 1 problem caused by me was due to sheer stupidity, I’ll admit it.  I was a silly college kid.

Fact:  Do not attempt to simultaneously hold an umbrella, open a door, and prop a phone up to your ear while talking to your boyfriend at the same time.  In the rain.

Fact:  iPhone screens shatter very easily when dropped [spoken from experience].

Fact:  I received an awesome present from my momma for my birthday this year, an iPhone 5.  Thanks momma!

Fact:  I’ve used up more data over the past 4 weeks with my iPhone 5 than I ever used over the 2 years I had an iPhone 4.

Fact:  After a few phone calls to Verizon and a trip to the Apple Store this afternoon, I have yet again traded in my original phone for a new phone.

Fact:  I’m hoping for the best that this phone is better than the last…  Fingers crossed!

Fact:  My original idea for today’s post was postponed because it’s almost 9PM aka my bedtime.  Goodnight 🙂




Question:  Share a fact!

Question:  What’s your favorite phone app?



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14 responses to “Phone Facts

  1. pickyrunner

    Haha I like this! I go through phones so fast it’s insane. I’m amazed that my iphone has lasted the last 4 months. I’ve dropped it so many times…

  2. The ecard at the end of this post made my evening! I’m going to remind myself of this whenever I’m having a “poor me” moment. Bathroom cleaners deserve a lot more credit than they get; that’s messy work!

    I’m so sorry about your phone troubles; I sure hope that the new one is better! Before I switched to an iPhone, I had a “cursed” Android. I went through six of those phones! Six! Most of the problems were my fault (thank goodness for insurance!), but I’d never had a problem with any of my other phones before upgrading to that particular model. The people in the Verizon store knew me WAY too well! 😉

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! ❤

    • Haha I don’t even like cleaning our bathroom, my hubby does it while I clean the kitchen, I can’t even imagine! And the guys at the Verizon store know me way too well from my problems over the years too 😛

  3. Hahaha I’m the queen of phone problems! I drop them, break them, etc. It’s not good. But it’s better than cleaning a TBell bathroom 😉

  4. One of my favorite phone apps is a game called 7 Little Words. It is challenging, but so addicting!

  5. i’m pretty good at not destroying my phone completely but that’s sheer luck because i drop my phone constantly and for some reason i don’t have a case for it. i think i’m subconsciously trying to break it so i can upgrade because i’m still working with the iphone 4.

  6. Oh girl… I think we are twins. I’m terrible with phones too! Except I set mine on hot things…like the stove! Actually, I’m just bad with technology. My computer and phone both hate me.

  7. Um true story this summer my dog hopped up on the counter and bit through my iphone screen and cracked the entire phone. UGH-I swear those things are made to break.

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