Marvelous In My Monday [MIMM] #4

It’s no secret that dogs share similarities with people. They eat, they sleep.  They play, they poop.  Anddd they get hiccups.  This morning in between packing my lunch and making a stack of peanut butter puff pancakes, I tried soothe, scare, and burp Charlie’s hiccups away but had no such luck.

Whenever I get hiccups I’m a fan of the Crazy 8’s: 8 quick sips of air, 8 quick sips of water, hold your breath for 8 seconds…  But getting a dog to do that is impossible.  Bummer, poor puppy 😦

Moving onto more marvelous things.  As I mentioned yesterday, this weekend was a good balance of relaxation and preparation, simply marvelous

Marvelous… Ryan’s birthday month.  I am a huge fan of birthdays, I have been since I was a young child and will be until I’m an old, old woman.  It’s the one month out of the year when it’s all about you and this month it’s all about Ryan!  Only 15 more days until he is officially an old man, eek!

Marvelous…  Fires.  Friday evening we had our first fire of the season to welcome the cooler weather.  It seems like within less than 24 hours the weather switched from fall to winter.  Good bye bare legs, hello leggings.

Marvelous… Sunnier mornings.  Thank goodness we set out clocks back this weekend.  I was beginning to think that I was waking up way too early because it was dark outside for hours after I was awake.  It was nice to see the sunrise while I was walking Charlie this morning!

Marvelous… Fresh cranberries.  The two times a year that tend to cook with cranberries are Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, that is until this weekend.  On Saturday I picked up a bag of fresh cranberries at TJ’s and wanted to make something new.  I took the easy way out and made a stack of ‘cakes and quickly cooked the cranberries in a skillet with water.  Next I’d like to try baking muffins or some sort of savory dish.

Marvelous… Outlet shopping.  Last week Ryan mentioned that he needed a new pair of jeans so I jumped at the opportunity to go shopping.  I’m trying to be more mindful of my expenses so I kept my wallet tucked away [out of sight, out of mind] with the exception of a few “essential” purchases such as a black leather belt, 2 seasonal candles from Yankee Candle, and 2 tasty treats from Williams-Sonoma.

Marvelous… TNT training.  Not only are Ryan, my momma, and I getting our butts kicked every Tuesday and Thursday night, but TNT has also provided us with free sessions on Saturdays, a cardio script, a stretching routine, weekly challenges, and a nutrition plan.  I’m not so sure that we all truly understood what we were signing up for [haha]!

Marvelous… Food prep.  The past few weeks my breakfasts have been delicious, my lunches have been tasty, and my dinners have been easy.  In the morning I have time to make myself a satisfying breakfast and pack myself a filling lunch, but by the time I get home at night all I wanna do is eat, not cook.  With this in mind, last night I prepped some things that Ryan and I can enjoy throughout the week such as veggie eggie cups topped with feta cheese and spicy mustard turkey burgers.

Marvelous…  Personalized card.  If something is free why not take it, right?  Well, when my bank offered me a free opportunity to design a personalized debit card I couldn’t turn down the offer.  Now everyone will know how much I love my little buddy!

Marvelous… Braids.  I started growing out my hair when Ryan and I set a wedding date thinking that I’d have more options with longer hair.  Now that I haven’t cut my hair in about a year [other than a few trimmings], it’s as long as it’s ever been!  After being whipped in the eye and having it stick to my back, I’ve started to braid when I go to the gym.  Now if only I knew how to do one of those fanchy-schmancy braids I always see in Pinterest.


Marvelous… Sleepovers.  Friday night my BFF is planning to come over for dinner and a slumber party.  I. am. so. EXCITED!  It’s going to be like we’re in elementary school again but this time we won’t have our parents checking-in on us to make sure that we’re asleep!



P.S.  I was SO touched by Ashley’s story about Jen, a health and wellness blogger living in New York.  Like many people in New Jersey and New York, Jen and her family were greatly affected by Hurricane Sandy and ultimately lost everything.  Ashley has gone above and beyond by creating a Rebuilding Registry to help Jen and her family start fresh…  To read more of Ashley’s story or to donate to the Rebuilding Registry, click here.

Question:  What do you think we’ll be eating like in 2050?  Check out this article, do you agree with their predictions?!

Question:  How do you get rid of hiccups?


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17 responses to “Marvelous In My Monday [MIMM] #4

  1. I get rid of hiccups by drinking water upside down…hard to explain, but basically you put your mouth on the opposite side of the glass, bend over, and usually works, but be careful not to get water up your nose!

  2. 1) Thanks for sharing the link to Jen’s story & fundraiser!! I will definitely repost!

    2) can I have your pancake recipe? They always look amazing!!

    3)I LOVEE fireplaces!!

    happy tuesday, beautiful!

  3. jessielovestorun

    Ha Ha, how funny that you tried to get rid of poor charlie’s hiccups. Sorry you had no luck though girl :(.

    I too love celebrating birthdays! You have anything fun planned for Ryan’s big day? Joshua’s birthdays in in January and I’m already trying to figure out what to buy/get/do.

    I think that’s awesome that your mom is joining in on the TNT exercises.

    Have a wonderful day hunnie xo

    • I felt like the worst momma 😦 I’m not sure yet what we’ll do- last year I threw him a huge surprise party and this year I was thinking of doing another surprise on a smaller scale but he’s already said he wants to keep it low-key… Maybe a nice dinner? And he hinted this past weekend what he wants for a gift so that’s all set!

      P.S. Haha yes, TNT has become a family affair 😛

  4. You know, I rarely get hiccups. I can’t even remember the last time I got them. Poor pup with the hiccups!

  5. thanks for the link about Jen. I think it’s great we can come together and support. And have fun friday! PJ’s!

  6. It suddenly became winter here too! I don’t have a fireplace, but I will huddle around the gas heater in my living room…I should at least decorate it to look like fire, haha. I’m so in love with cranberries right now too, I’ve even been eating them whole and raw–it’s a fun mouth-pucker like lemons!

  7. A grown-up sleep over sounds like so much fun! No parent or limits on the cookie dough you consume. LOL!

  8. I love your tips for the hiccups! Whenever I get them, they stay for 2+days! Painful… Thanks for the link about Jen!

    • Ouch, that’s definitely no fun… I don’t get them much nowadays but I did when I was younger, my momma blamed it on how I would shovel food into my face- I’m guilty of still doing that but I must have gotten better at breathing between 😉

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