2 LAB Newbies

Our apartment is clean, we spent time with our friends, groceries were purchased, Ryan skated, I went to the gym, laundry got washed and dried, food for the week has been prepped, we slept in, and we’ve enjoyed a fire every night…  It definitely has been a productive and relaxing weekend!

Rather than sharing a post, I’ll save my weekend eats, treats, and adventures for tomorrow and direct y’all to check out 2 new pages that were added today:

Faces of LAB

23 While 23

P.S.  Charlie was a pooped puppy Friday night after a long day at camp…  Probably from too many games of tag 😉



Question:  Has the winter-like weather arrived in your town?

Question:  What’s one thing you do on the weekend to prep for the upcoming week?



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9 responses to “2 LAB Newbies

  1. Winter weather has definitely arrived in DC! We’ve been building fires in my house several nights a week as well; I love how cozy they make the house feel!

    I prepped for the week by roasting a huge batch of butternut squash (I can’t get enough!) and boiling a dozen eggs. Tomorrow I need to bake another batch of pumpkin protein bars, and then I’ll be set!

    Glad you had a productive weekend! Oh, and by the way, Charlie is so stinkin’ cute!! ❤

    • Butternut squash = yum! I totally am a cheater and buy the pre-diced squash from TJ’s… I should have thought of that, awesome idea! A few roasted acorn squashes would have been nice 😛

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Charlie is absolutely adorable girl. He looks like such a little cuddle bug!

  3. i love your faces of lab page! your family is so adorable.

  4. I was in Dallas over the weekend but now that I’m back in Virginia it feels like winter is upon us! haha

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