Ready, Set, Sandy

Yesterday was absolutely marvelous!  I’ll recap in more detail tomorrow but I had a successful sweat session, did a little shopping, spent time working on some blog stuff [received some exciting news!] and enjoyed a belated birthday bash with friends 🙂

Today Ryan and I have been tackling a rather lengthy to-do list in preparation for Miss Hurricane Sandy.  I truthfully and wishfully am hoping that Sandy is more hype than storm but the surrounding counties have already cancelled school Monday and Tuesday.  Regardless of what actually ensues, we’re prepared, or so I think…

Our kitchen is stocked with nonperishables i.e. apples, bananas, beans, crackers, power bars, soup, and tuna fish…  As well as coffee, chocolate, peanut butter pretzels, and Annie’s spagehttios [aka the “essentials” haha].  We have extra batteries, a pile of firewood that could last us a few days, and two cases of water.

Bring it on Sandy!  But not really, stay out at sea.  Please and thank you!


Question:  Are you preparing for Sandy?  If you are, stay safe!

Question:  What nonperishables do you always keep in your cupboard?  Trying to think of what we should get, Ryan and I realized that we favor perishable products > nonperishables.  Our fridge and freezer are stocked with meal essentials such as fruit and vegetables, dairy, and meats, while our cupboards store meal fixings such as condiments, flours, and nuts.



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11 responses to “Ready, Set, Sandy

  1. I’m thinking and praying for you all that are in Sandy’s way! We will get some wind and rain from Sandy but nothing to worry about. Stay safe!

  2. Stay safe! my brother is in nyc and we’re worried to bits about him, but i made him stock up on enough water they might be swimming in it. lol. i hope you don’t lose power, or if you do, not for very long!

    • Thanks! So far it’s nothing too bad, some rain and light wind, but the heavy stuff is coming later… Fingers crossed we don’t lose power 🙂 Thinking of your brother, hope he stays safe and dry!!!

  3. Haha I do love that it’s called Frankenstorm. I bought some flashlights today so I’m hoping that’s all I need!

  4. Y’all are in my prayers. Stay safe hunnie ❤

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  6. I’m late on this post – but that ice cream looks todiefor. I always have PB, crackers, chips…anything PB or a carb. Even when there’s no hurricane coming.

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