Dream Jobs

At the end of the school year, I took a leap of faith and said good-bye to teaching to pursue a career in the events industry.  I have always loved planning, from social gatherings with family or friends, to committee activities throughout high school and college…  Call me a dork, but I enjoy planning and color-coding calendars 😛


I was so thankful [and lucky] to receive a job offer immediately after school ended in June.  I packed-up my classroom on a Friday and started as an exhibits assistant on Monday.  It was a hard decision to make since I had spent 4 years in college working towards a B.S. in education but as they always say, sometimes life doesn’t always go as planned [no matter how much planning you do] and you have to just go with it…  I went with it and I’m happy I did.

Sooo, where am I going with this?  Well, I am happy to report that I am thoroughly enjoying my new job but after posting the nail namer picture on Saturday I started to wonder what life would be like if I had a different job…  Don’t we all?!

Dog trainer.  Sunday night has become steak night in our house aka Charlie’s whiniest night.  He does not understand why dad gets a slab and he only gets the scraps.  He whimpers and whines, lays down and rolls over, anything to impress dad…  I’d love to be the person who trains adorable pups to sit quietly and wait patiently!

Scent sniffer.  On Sunday Ryan needed to swing by the mall to pick-up a skate tool so I made the most use of the time and stopped by Bath & Body Works.  I seriously think the last time I was in there was when I was…  15?!  There were so many good smelling scents that it was hard to choose just 1 so I took advantage of their current buy 2 get 1 free deal and walked away with 3 [typical girl].  I’d love to be the person who smells brown sugar and sweet pea scents all day!

Taste tester.  Having a Whole Foods across the street from my office is fabulously awful.  I typically will do a working lunch and eat at my desk so I can take a break and go for a walk but everyday I end up walking directly to Whole Foods.  I haven’t looked at my bank account for a while and probably don’t want to.  I’d love to be the person who taste tests all the new products and prepared foods!

Nature photographer.  I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice, I may have even said it thrice [haha, such a rhymer], but I am falling in love with fall!  The scents, the flavors, and all the colors are truly stunning.  If I didn’t have any commitments, I would spend the whole day outside.  I’d love to be the person who spends the day wandering the woods taking pictures of the fall foliage!

Hotel rater.  Ryan and I are planning a trip up to Boston and I could not be more excited- I haven’t been up there since graduating in May of 2011.  Since recently booking our honeymoon we’ve become a bit frugal and would like to save money.  Currently the big question is should we drive or fly and where will we stay?  I’d love to be the person who receives all expenses paid trips in exchange for rating the rooms [puppies permitted = an appreciated perk]!

Personal shopper.  I’m a stereotypical girl who loves to shop.  For clothes or for food, for someone else or for myself…  I love to peruse through a store and snag a good deal!  I’d love to be the person people contact when they need to pick out a new outfit for a special occasion or need to pick-up a few groceries for dinner!

Health and wellness coach.  Two of the most common places you will find me are at home or at the gym.  I love the feeling I get after a good sweat session and feeling like I’ve accomplished something.  I love taking care of my body.  I cannot control if I have a flare-up [although I can take preventative actions to decrease the likelihood] but I can make sure that I am keeping myself physically healthy.  I’d love to be the person who helps others take care of their body through fitness and health!


Food holiday selector.  Earlier this month was National Pasta Day and National Dessert Day [two personal favorites] and today is National Boston Cream Pie Day…  I don’t make this stuff up, check it outI’d love to be the person who chooses what day everyone should eat abundant amounts of chocolate, peanut butter, or drink cup after cup of coffee!


I am not trained for any of the professions above so I cannot offer y’all advice and all jobs have their bad days, but I can dream about how fun the good days could be 🙂

“The greatest gift you can give others is your best you—your healthiest you.”

~Joseph J. Sweere



Question:  What’s your dream job?

Question:  Are you working at your dream job?  Is it the job that you wanted to have when you were younger?  When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be a marine biologist so I could swim with dolphins and whales 😛



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12 responses to “Dream Jobs

  1. Being a personal shopper would be stressful, but so so fun! My dream job, though, would probably be as a writer/editor for a fitness and health magazine.

  2. What a fun post. Loved hearing your input on other jobs. I think being a hotel rater would be awesome. I’m not one to pick apart a hotel, but since working in a few of them I do have expectations on what should and shouldn’t be done.

    My dream job: dermatologist. I know weird, but I’ve always been so intrigued haha.

    • Haha, I’m not one to pick a room apart either- as long as it’s clean, a comfy bed, and the bathroom is decent, I’m a-ok… I guess I don’t have high standards 😛 Eek, I’m not sure I could be a derm but I would love knowing all the secrets to beautiful skin!!!

  3. I’d like to have a run at each of these jobs! Food taster? Yes, please! Especially a Whole Foods food taster. 😉 I’d also love working as a product tester for beauty items like makeup, lotion, shampoo etc. Think of all the money saved (and not to mention, the fun had)!

    When I was little, I wanted to be everything–an author, a teacher, a professional soccer player, a tap dancer, the president etc.,–and I remained just as fiercely undecided all the way through college. It wasn’t until after undergrad that I realized that my lifelong passion for food and fitness would also make a wonderful career. I don’t know what took so long! I’m currently working part time as a wellness coach, and can’t wait to dive into the industry full time once I graduate in December! I’m not sure exactly where I’ll end up, but I know I’ll be happy as long as I’m doing something health-related. 🙂

    I’m so happy you listened to your heart and took the leap into event planning. It sounds like you’re really happy! ❤

    • We should have our own “tester” day! Who says you have to be certified? I also dreamed of becoming president when I was younger- it would be awesome having us two food and fitness lovers in the presidential debate! It sounds like you’ve made a great decision and are going to be so successful! I can only imagine how rewarding it is knowing that you’ve helped someone take control of their health… You’re welcome to help me 😉

  4. those are AWESOME dream jobs! i would absolutely love being a hotel rater. or a food critic. or a movie critic. in general, clearly being critical is what i like to do. major judger right here.

  5. Oh my goodness having a Whole Foods across the street could definitely be a blessing and curse! Dangerous territory but you made the smart move not to check your bank account, I would so the same thing 🙂

  6. Heather @ Better With Veggies

    Love all these job ideas, but especially the health & wellness coach. That always sounds fun to me – I would love to expand my run/tri coaching to include that someday. My day job is Digital Strategy, which is pretty awesome and what I’ve wanted to do for a few years!

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