MIMM: Anxiously Awaiting

There have been many marvelous moments the past week but the biggest highlight was…  RECEIVING OUR WEDDING PICTURES, hip hip hooray!!!  Ryan and I [and our family and friends] have been anxiously awaiting these for weeks!

Marvelous…  Our wedding highlights slide show!  Here’s the link, take a look 😀


P.S.  I have no idea how we’re going to sort through 1,800+ photos and choose only a handful for our photo album…  Any suggestions?  I like the idea of making it like a story, starting from when we were getting ready and ending with us riding off in the limo.

Question:  What was marvelous about your weekend?  Having the support of Ryan Saturday morning at the ALR Walk to Cure Lupus and spending time with friends Sunday afternoon were two highlights from mine!

Question:  Do you have anything marvelous planned for this week?  We’re celebrating my birthday [exactly one month later] with a group of friends Saturday night!



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14 responses to “MIMM: Anxiously Awaiting

  1. Happy belated birthday! I think they should be celebrated for several weeks (or months!) anyway, so keep the good times rolling!

    I’ve got a concert this weekend and lots of rehearsals this week. So excited!!

    • Thanks!!! I agree, I celebrate “birthday month” but usually that’s the month of September since my birthday is the 27th, I’ve never extended it into October… Maybe I’ll start 😉

  2. I like your idea of making the wedding pics like a story! I would just try to def nix ones that are “repeats”. I’m sure you have about 5 photos of each moment that look exactly the same. You can start with eliminating those and then go from there!
    Unfortunately I don’t have too many plans this wk b/c since my stomach is so off-and-on I’ve been avoiding making plans. I actually had something to do tonight and I felt crappy this morning when I woke up and had to cancel. But that’s OK b/c tonight is my mom’s last night at home before she and my dad leave for their new condo for a week in FL, and I want to hang out with her and watch Revenge on DVR and drink wine before she goes #mamasgirl I am also making a conscious effort to plan things less in advance, so I think that leaving my nights free of plans this Tuesday-Friday will be a good challenge for me. If I feel well and want to make plans the day of after work/the gym/class, then I can!

    • That’s exactly what I’m thinking… Just have to sort through all of those same photos 😛 And date night with your momma sounds wonderful! Anddd why aren’t you going to FL?! I’d be jealous! We’re keeping it low-key this week [with the exception of 2 new workout classes] because we’ve got a busy weekend ahead!

  3. Gorgeous pics!! Love them! I couldn’t decide on pics for my book, so I had my photographer do it for me! lol!!

  4. Your pictures turned out beautiful hunnie <3. I love how in love the two of you look. It's so heartwarming!

  5. Happy belated birthday love! I can’t wait to see the pic! Going to click on that when done here! We have never created our album yet! We have been married over a year and are slacking!!!

    Happy Tuesday! ❤

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