Wooden Shoes Like to Know

Sometimes we all have our cheesy moments, this post is one of my times.  Inspiration from my nail color “Wooden Shoes Like to Know“…  OPI, you’re so clever 😉


Wooden shoes like to know…  Chocolate + coconut Cho + pineapple = sweet tropical treat!

Wooden shoes like to know…  Ryan and I barely made it to the ALR Walk to Cure Lupus because dozens of streets were closed.  After 90 minutes of sitting in the car, we got a little impatient and decided that walking would be quicker than driving.

Wooden shoes like to know…  Washington, D.C. is absolutely gorgeous in the fall!  I say it too often, but I definitely do not take advantage of living so close to the city.  There are so many sights to see, markets to visit, restaurants to eat at, events to attend- I need to make a point of visiting them!

Wooden shoes like to know…  P28 bagels are a-w-e-s-o-m-e!  I am trying to increase my protein intake and if I can get 28 grams of protein in the form of a bagel, that makes this carb feign happy!  A girl can only eat so many servings of beans, poultry, and yogurt.

Wooden shoes like to know…  Brown sparkly nail polish makes me crave a chunk of chocolate.  Thankfully, I’m not a nail biter.

Wooden shoes like to know…  One of my favorite things to do is to grocery shop.  I love perusing the aisles, looking for new-to-me products, and thinking of new [and sometimes strange] combinations to try.

Wooden shoes like to know…  Ryan hung out with a friend yesterday afternoon and came home bearing gifts- candle holders, a vase, a display dish, anddd fresh basil and hot peppers.  His friends know the way to my heart 😉

Wooden shoes like to know…  For the past two weeks, Charlie has woken me up between 5-5:30AM.  His head pops-up as if an alarm just went off, he crawls up from my feet to my face, rests his head next to mine, and then proceeds to climb all over me and give me kisses until I roll out of bed.

Wooden shoes like to know…  Cantaloupe is one of my favorite fruits and when I saw that it’s on sale this week for 4/$5 I bought 2 and will most likely go back for more.


Wooden shoes like to know…  My shins are still sore from running on Thursday.  I haven’t run in about a month, but sheeshhh.  I’ve been going to the gym daily and doing a combo of cardio + weights, so I shouldn’t be sore for 4 days?!

Wooden shoes like to know…  Today is this guy’s birthday!  Happy birthday BB, thanks for sharing a pickle stick with me!  We’re headed downtown this afternoon to watch the Redskins vs. Giants game at a bar.  Watching football in a bar > watching football on the couch- there’s so much energy from everyone cheering [and booing], it’s hard not to get into the game!



Question: What’s your favorite fall nail color?  I am usually a pink [and sparkly] girl all the way but also enjoy playing around with different seasonal colors!

Question:  Do your shins ever get sore after a run?  What do you do to relieve them?



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12 responses to “Wooden Shoes Like to Know

  1. I am LOLing over the graphics about being a nail polish namer and the canteloupe. Ohhh OPI polishes. Once I found a vomit green one and when I turned it over and saw that it was called “Don’t Roll Up The Window” I just loved it and sent a silent thank you to the genius who thought that up.
    So envious of your life in DC! I love the fall and that’s why I have my eye on the DC area to move to when I leave New England because (most) winters are not as bad as they are here yet I still get a fall!
    I am a big fan of lighter hand nail polishes because when they chip, it isn’t as noticeable and I don’t have to go back too often to get them re-done. I suck at doing them myself so I always get them done in a salon and going less frequently saves me money and time. However during the fall and winter I do sacrifice less chippy-looking nails and get dark colors. Theyre just so fitting! I also always get a “disco nail” on each ring finger. Often it’s sparkly!

    • Haha puke green sounds… Pretty?! 😛 I love lighter colors for the same reason, but when I get shellac and know that my clumsiness can’t chip them immediately, I’m a little more daring and will go dark! You should definitely come down to visit at least… We’re planning a trip up to Boston soon, thinking Veteran’s weekend [I haven’t been back since I graduated]! The winters down here are much more manageable 😉

      • Oh please let me know when you go to Boston! I’d love to meet up. #dreamcometrue And I don’t get Shellac b/c I love changing my colors too often to get that!

      • That would be fab-uuu-lous! I miss Boston so badly… I debated not getting shellac this time but knew that as soon as I walked out I’d smudge a nail and regret it 😛

  2. Your doggy is so cute..I can hardly stand it! 🙂

    Oh, and I totally get your feeling about cantaloupe..LOVE IT!

  3. I’m totally in love with your dog. He is absolutely adorable, and looks like the perfect cuddle buddy!!

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  6. I need to find those bagels!!! also, (responding to your comment on my post)I just cut the acorn squash in half, scoop out the seeds, rub with EVOO, and bake for about 45 min at 380 until fork tender. you can cut them into smaller pieces for faster cooking time!

    • They’re awesome! I picked them up from Wegmans but you can also order them online… Thanks for the tip! I heard they’re sometimes a struggle to cut open, but worth the work 😛

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