Rambles 10.18.12

There’s no logical flow to today’s rambles so I think a list would be best [in no particular order]:

Waffle Stack Creations:  The past few mornings I’ve veered away from pancakes and have enjoyed a stack of the very convenient [and very tasty] Van’s frozen waffles.  It’s easy-peasy…  I simply pop them into our toaster oven and when the bell dings I add whatever topping my heart desires.

Chocolate Cherry Coconut: chocolate PB2 + frozen cherries +unsweetened shredded coconut

Almond Joy: chocolate PB2 + almond slices + unsweetened shredded coconut

*a drizzle of maple syrup would be great but we were out*

Fall Family Walks:  Yesterday was a rest day for me and I couldn’t have been happier because the weather was absolutely bea-uuu-tiful!  I wish the leaves would stay all these different shades of yellow, orange, and red all year!  Ryan and I took Charlie for a walk and wandered down a new trail where we found a little dock.  Charlie is the biggest pansy when it comes to water…  He won’t go near it, his nails come out and he plants his paws into the ground [oye vey]!

Talking to Siri:  I have zero, zilch, nada clue how to talk to Siri!  I accidentally double clicked on the home button this morning and before I knew it she was asking me what she could help me with!  I wonder if she could have written this whole post for me?  Could she help with my laundry?

Crock Pot Cooking:  Every time I use our crock pot I love it.  What’s not to love about one-pot cooking?  You dump everything in, let it do its thing, and within hours your house smells amazing and your creation is ready!  This weekend I think I’ll make another batch of cinnamon applesauce [since it was gone within 2 days], as well as one of these recipes and Lindsay’s lentil lasagna!

Remembering My Medicines:  I am the worst at remembering to take my medicine.  I swear, I think I need a tattoo stamped on the back of my hand to remember!  I’ve tried pill cases in the past but no luck.  I think I’ll put a note on the fridge tonight…

Parmesan Cheese:  I picked up a little tub of the stuff over the weekend at Wegmans and I cannot stop sprinkling it on everything!  From breakfast eggs to last night’s pasta dinner in honor of National Pasta Day…  A small sprinkle packs such a big punch of flavor!

*roasted artichokes + roasted bell pepper slices + a dab of Earth Balance + fun fall shaped pasta + parm cheese + garlic seasoning blend*

New Camera:  Saturday after apple picking Ryan needed to get a new pair of sneakers and skateboard so we headed to the mall.  Conveniently next to the mall was Costco so I asked Ryan if we could peruse their cameras.  I looked a Panasonic which felt nice in my hands but I wasn’t enthusiastic about its features.  Immediately to the right was a Sony.  I’ve had 2 Sony’s in the past and have loved them…  Within a blink of an eye I was walking out with a new toy 😉

Puppies Playing Tag:  We’ve been bringing Charlie to doggy day a couple of times a week for the past month.  From what we can tell [by the way he eagerly sprints inside] he seems to enjoy himself.  Ryan and I get a laugh out of the report card they send home every time even though they’re all very similar…  “Charlie likes basking in his counselors attention” [he’s an attention snob, we know that] and “He likes playing tag with Gigi!”  We’re not so sure how do dogs play “tag” and we’re also not so sure we want to know…

High School Clothes:  This morning was one of those mornings when I looked into my closet and despite it being full of dresses, shirts, and skirts, I still had nothing to wear.  I ended up choosing a shirt and skirt, both of which I bought in high school…  High school clothes = high school curves.  I guess my womanly figure is still waiting to sprout?!



Question:  Can your relate to any of my rambles?

Question:  Do you still wear any of your high school clothes?

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