Marvelous in My Monday [MIMM] #2

I’ve been looking forward to Marvelous Monday all weekend since there have been so many marv-eee-lous things that have happened lately…

Operation Beautiful…  It’s my second week participating in Operation Beautiful.  To recap, every Monday I plan to write 5 inspirational messages on sticky notes and leave them for someone to find.  Last Monday I scattered the notes around the mall and today I scattered them around Crate & Barrel during lunch and this evening at the gym.  I hope that they provide someone with a little dose of motivation that make their Monday marvelous!

Ghould…  It’s that time of the year again where all things are spooktacular, bags of candy corn adorn grocery store shelves, and everyone is looking for the best Halloween costume.  It’s also that time of the year when I can’t stop saying “ghould” instead of “good” [haha]!  For example, I hope you all had a ghoulddd weekend!  I hope that you’re having a ghoulddd Monday!

Apple Picking…  Ryan and I had a simply stupendous [awesome alliteration] time with our friends this weekend at the apple orchard!  The skies were perfectly blue without a cloud in sight, we were surrounded by beautiful rolling mountains, and had rows upon rows of various apple trees to pick from, it was an awesome afternoon!  We left with a bag full of apples, a bag full of freshly made sauces and spreads, and the intentions to make apple picking an annual fall tradition!

Doctor’s News…  Have y’all figured out what procedure I had done on Friday?  I linked back to a post I wrote in February when I had one then too.  You betcha, I had a colonoscopy.  Gasp, ew, gross, butt talk!  Simply put, the doctor didn’t find anything too serious, nothing had to be removed, and my diagnosis of IBS [irritable bowel syndrome] has been confirmed.  Next up, playing around with different medications to try and get things under control.  The good news, I can still eat gluten and I’m loving anything with wheat and hearty grains!


Wegmans…  Yesterday afternoon Ryan and I did what we do best- he skated and I shopped!  I’ve been to Wegmans once or twice before but only for a quick second.  Yesterday was the first time I went to explore.  Fresh produce, mouth-watering prepared selections, a candy aisle, an all-natural and specialty products section, and an area displaying utensils and cookware- it blew my mind…  I seriously started to wonder why we didn’t register there!

Charlie…  Ryan and I tested the limits this weekend to see how Charlie would react to being out of his “room” [aka the kitchen] while we were gone.  On Friday we started small and limited him to the kitchen and family room.  When we came home his toys were in the same spot as they were when we left, the curtains were still hanging on the rod, and there weren’t any accidents- success!  Saturday when we went apple picking we left him lose, free rein to the whole place and when we returned we were delightfully surprised that everything was still intact and there weren’t any “surprises” on our bed- another success!

Pancakes…  I will n.e.v.e.r. get tired of a stack of sweet ‘cakes!  Pumpkin pie pancakes this weekend and a stack of “kitchen sink” cakes this morning.  Similar to the concept of a “kitchen sink” salad, aka whatever you have on hand, I perused our cupboards and fridge and finished off all the bags/ cans/ jars that had barely anything left and ended up with these beauties…  I loved the combo of unsweetened coconut + maple syrup!

Power…  Ryan and I received our power bill this morning and it showed $0.00.  That can’t be possible, can it?  After listening to 20+ minutes of sleep-inducing elevator music, Ryan spoke with a representative and was told that our statement is correct!  Since we’ve paid our bill on time every month, the company reimbursed our initial deposit and put it towards this month’s payment.  Even better, we still have a remaining balance so next month our bill will be half of the normal cost- perfect timing with the temperatures dropping!




Question:  What’s marvelous in your life?

Question:  Have you picked-out a Halloween costume?  I have no clue what to be!  Should Ryan and I do a duo costume like peanut butter and jelly?  Or Jerry and Elaine from Seinfeld [Ryan’s favorite show]?!



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12 responses to “Marvelous in My Monday [MIMM] #2

  1. I hope you get the IBS under control! My best friend has that and I know it’s not pleasant.

    I don’t get Halloween this year because it’s so close to competition… but my favorite costume was the year I was Tom Cruise from Risky Business. There’s nothing more awesome that going to a bar in a men’s button down and socks.

    • Life's a Bowl

      Thanks you!!! And I LOVE that idea haha 😛 Although, I gotta admit that I’ve never seen Risky Business… Gotta get on that!

  2. I dream about going to Wegman’s!! So many people have told me that it’s a foodie wonderland, but I still haven’t stepped foot inside a store. I think I need to make a special field trip someday. Want to join me? Blogger date at Wegmans?!

    I’m so glad that your icky colonoscopy is over! I had one done a few years ago, and swore I’d never drink Gatorade again! (So far, so good!). My diagnosis was IBS as well, however my doctor encouraged me to try eliminating gluten and dairy from my diet to see if I was sensitive to either (or both). Going gluten free alleviated 90% of my problems! It was amazing. Dairy also bothers me, but I can handle it in moderation. 🙂

    Ahh, there is so much more to say here! Charlie is adorable, those pancakes look amazing, I love that you participate in Operation Beautiful, and yay for everything Halloween! xoxo ❤

    • Life's a Bowl

      I’d love to have a blogger date, long overdue! Thank you for all of your kind words and sorry to hear that you have it too- we can overcome it together 🙂 I did the gluten-free thing for a few months [doc’s thought I had celiac disease since I also have lupus, sometimes they can be connected] but didn’t see any improvement :/ I’ve always had a light stomach so I don’t eat much dairy other than Greek yogurt and some light cheese… Glad you’ve been able to keep things under control!

  3. I’m so glad that your colonscopy showed you that nothing too serious was happening. I was diagnosed with IBS, so I know how stressful it can be from time to time. My prayers are with you that you’ll get it all figured out, and be good to go :).

    You & your boy are absolutely adorable girl. You two take such beautiful pictures together xo

  4. My college BF and I did Hugh Hefner and a Playboy Bunny. Yeah so typical but I wanted to do something SO college. It was wicked fun! Though for his Hef robe we used a red velvet vampire robe and he refused to wear slippers since we had to walk practically miles to “house parties” so not everyone got what he was haha. It was quite obvious what I was though.
    I keep hearing from people with tummy troubles that they had to get colonoscopies and I am worried I will need to get one with the troubles I’ve been having! But if it would lead me to an answer I seriously would go do it tomorrow! I’m glad you have an answer and can now start looking for meds.

    • Life's a Bowl

      Bahaha, that sounds so fun! I’m not so sure my hubby would be up for playing Hef 😛 And I wonder, how old is too old to be a PB bunny? I’m 23, do I make the cut-off haha ;P

      P.S. The colonoscopy prep is the worst part, you’re asleep for the procedure, and when you wake-up you get to eat whatever your little heart desires 🙂

      • Caitlin

        You so do, I was 20…but I look 16 so it may have been a little inappropriate?! Haha and yeah I know I hear the prep is the scary part. We will see what the doc says tmrw. At least I know prep is only temporary!

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