Life is Good & Camera Advice

Despite receiving some less than stellar news from the doctor yesterday and the Nat’s losing to the Cardinals last night [they were sooo closeee], life is good!


Life is good because…  The cool weather has rolled in and slipper socks have made their first appearance!

Life is good because…  I had a satisfyingly sweet bedtime treat last night, cocoa cottage cheese + peanut butter puffs + banana chocolate chip VitaTop.  It reminded me of a banana split [if only I had some strawberries]!

Life is good because…  Surprise wedding gifts continue to appear on our doorstep!  Ryan and I are so grateful and thankful to our family and friends who continue to send us wedding gifts.  It’s always fun to come home to a package on the doorstep!

Life is good because…  Charlie has proven to us that he can stay out of his “room” [aka the kitchen]  and roam throughout the apartment while we’re gone without shredding the curtains or having any accidents!

Life is good because…  I made a batch of pumpkin pancakes yesterday and they turned out pretty tasty…

But this morning I played around with the ratios of dry to wet ingredients and successfully made a batch of pumpkin pie pancakes!  They were light, fluffy, and had a moist center that reminded me of a slice of pie, yum!

Life is good because…  Fall flowers are beautiful, look at those colors!

Trader Joe’s always has the best selection of seasonal flowers- daisies, lilies, mums, tulips…  Have you seen the pumpkin tree bunches?!


Life is good because…  Ryan and I are going apple picking [for the first time *ever*] this afternoon with a couple of friends!  A field full of fresh fruit and a house full of freshly baked goods, it’s sure to be a beautiful and tasty adventure!

Life is good because…  Tonight Ryan and I are planning to have a homemade date night.  Pumpkin pasta + pumpkin peanut butter cups + my two pumpkins = a good night!

Life is good with a lot of pumpkin it in 😉



P.S.  Help!  I’m interested in purchasing a point-and-shoot camera…  I love the convenience of my iPhone and the quality of my DSLR camera but I’d like to have the best of both worlds- a compact, reliable camera that I could toss into my bag when I’m out for an adventure.  I’ve been perusing around and have received some suggestions from friends, I’m leaning towards a Panasonic or Sony…  Any advice?!

Question:  See above!

Question:  Where do you grocery shop?  Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are my favorites but I also go to our local grocery store for some general items and make a monthly Costco trip…  I’ve been hearing a lot about Wegmans lately and thinking I should make my way out that-a-way soon!


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6 responses to “Life is Good & Camera Advice

  1. Hey girl! I’ve been loving all the new pancake recipes lately!! Just a personal question that you don’t have to answer, but since you shared you’ve been having terrible stomach problems, have you been tested for Celiacs? Just curious. Have a great day!

    • Life's a Bowl

      No problem, yes I have… I tried a gluten-free diet a few years ago and had no success and then again the past few months and had no success so I have since started incorporating gluten back into my diet. The doctor has diagnosed it as IBS and we’re currently playing around with different meds, hopefully it’ll all calm down soon 🙂

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