Sweet & Speedy

Now ya see it…

…now ya don’t!

I hope today is just as sweet and goes by just as speedy 🙂  Happy Monday!


A few random ramblings…

-This is my “wellness” horoscope for today…  What the heck?!  I usually enjoy reading my  horoscope and sometimes it’s strangely spot-on, but this is just awful.

-I received a box full of tasty treats from my September Foodie Penpal!  I love dark chocolate, dried fruits, nut butters, and oats and that’s exactly what the box was full of, all new-to-me products!  Although, I did have to throw away the nut butters because they’re part of the current recall [boo].

***Click here to read more about the Foodie Penpals program.  Who knows, maybe we’ll get paired together one day!***

-Today is the first day of October [where has the time gone?] and it’s also the first day of Lindsay’s October Photo A Day Challenge…  Today’s challenge: eat extra veggies at lunch.



Question:  What’s your favorite breakfast, sweet or savory?  A little of both?

Question:  Any fun after-work plans this evening?



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5 responses to “Sweet & Speedy

  1. What an awesome box! How did you like sunland’s pb?

  2. having a foodie penpal looks like so much fun!! super cool! HAPPY MONDAY TO YOUUUU!

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