Season Premieres & Birthday Plans

Last night was the season premiere of Modern Family!  It’s probably one of the only shows that Ryan and I consider “our” show…  Meaning that “my” shows include Real Housewives, Beverly Hills Nannies, or the Food Network and “his” shows include Seinfeld, Modern Marvels, or football.


Despite having two gigantic TVs [boys will be boys] and different tastes, we have come to an agreement.  Since I fall asleep by 9:30PM, I get to watch my shows first and then Ryan gets to watch his shows.  It works for us and it’s nice to spend time with each other after a day at work…  We’re learning the rules of compromise 😛


Last night was also my birthday eve.  In my mind, birthdays are not just one day, they’re month-long celebrations!  That does not mean I am a princess for 27 days [only 1 day, the 27th], but it does mean that I start counting down as soon as the calendar says September 1st.  Ironically, Modern Family last night featured a birthday!  They’re obviously aware that September is one of the best times of the year [second only to December, aka Christmas]!


Today has gotten off to a great start and it’s only going to get better…

  • I woke up before the sunrise for an early morning sweat session [I really need to get back into a morning workout routine]
  • I made a hearty, fall flavored breakfast which featured a chocolate pumpkin English muffin [chocolate + pumpkin is an awesome combo]
  • Charlie went to his first day of doggie day camp and passed their temperament test [phew]
  • I have received an overwhelming number of birthday wishes from family and friends [thank you all very much!!!]
  • Tonight Ryan, my momma, and I plan to indulge in burritos and sweet treats [holy yum, I feel a food baby already forming inside of my tummy]
  • Anddd the Grey’s Anatomy season premiere is tonight [oh em gee, last season’s finale left me a bit unhappy but also very curious]

Today’s big question…  What type of dessert shall we have tonight?

Something intense and rich, chocolate?

[as seen on: foodess]

Something airy and light, fruity?

[as seen on: Annie’s eats]

Or something classic and simple, vanilla?

[as seen on: The Answer Is Cake]

What about a little of each?!



Question:  Do you watch Modern Family?  Grey’s Anatomy?  What’s your favorite show this season?

Question:  What’s your favorite birthday cake flavor?  Do you have the same flavor/ style every year?

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