Favorite Finds Friday 5.4.12

I’ve received great feedback that y’all like my Pinterest finds so…  Favorite Finds Friday is here to stay- check out the new page!

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Daily Memorable Moments

May 3: I did my second Versa dip [spray tanning] yesterday and I’m happy to say I didn’t wake up this morning looking like an oompa loompa *phew*!

May 4: This afternoon 4 of my bridesmaids and I are headed to NYC for the weekend- I have no idea what’s on the agenda but I’m sure it’ll be a blast…  I cannot wait to get this bachelorette party started [wahooo] 😀

Question:  What did you do for your bachelor/bachelorette party?  If you haven’t had one, what would you like to do?  ***PG rated please!***

Question: Have you ever gotten a spray tan?  How were your results?



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6 responses to “Favorite Finds Friday 5.4.12

  1. Love the concepts, nothing better than fashion and food!

  2. Marcee .... ILLINOIS

    Ohh …. love all your faves Allison!

    Need to check into that p-i-e …. sooo tempting …. yumm.

    Can’t wait to learn what you gals did in NYC! Don’t spare any details.

    No comment re any before parties. Gotta leave that one alone. Ha.

    Spray tan? Oh, from a can right? I have never done that. We are not big on any type of tannings. Unnecessary and can often be dangerous.

    Great weekend!

    P.S. How’s gorgeous Charlie? I hope the little guy is eating good these days.

    • Life's a Bowl

      We actually didn’t end up in NYC, they surprised me and we went to the beach! No, the spray tan is at a salon- I worry that if I did it myself it would turn out uneven and spotty…

  3. I hope your bachelorette party was TONS of fun!! You’ll be sharing the details with us, right? 😉

    The avocado macaroni looks uh-maazing! I keep seeing it pop up on Pinterest, which must mean that I *need* to make it! 🙂 xoxo

    • Life's a Bowl

      It was a nice weekend away, thanks 🙂 I am craving avocado mac, it’s on my “need to make” list too!

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