April was Ambitious

Since I was a little girl, I have always been ambitious and have taken on many challenges or “opportunities” at once.  For some reason having only one task at a time seems too easy, like I am not challenging myself.  Give me one thing and I’ll ask for another, and another, oftentimes juggling at least  three things and usually more.

The past month of April was no different.  It started out slow since the first week was spring break, but even then I wasn’t on break, rather I took the first three required courses to receive a certificate in event management.  The next two weeks I spent a countless number of hours glued to my computer writing teacher narratives and anecdotal notes for my students’ testing materials.  Those were finally finished and submitted the third week of the month.

And somewhere in between all of that, I have been…

Planning my wedding, applying to jobs, trying to maintain my social life, training a puppy, making meals, committing to assist in the planning of multiple social events, and releasing any leftover energy into sweat sessions at the gym…

In my mind, busy = good and April was definitely busy!

I can’t say that I hope May will be as busy, but I am fairly certain it will be…

I am  headed out-of-town this weekend with a group of girlfriends for my bachelorette party [wahooo], I hopefully will make a decision soon about jobs, I will be attending multiple IEP meetings at school, I will be celebrating birthdays and special events with my friends, I will continue to be in the kitchen cooking and at the gym working out, and last but certainly not least, I will continue to plan my wedding…

Oh and a handful of product reviews and giveaways [*stay tuned*]!

P.S.  Sunday Successes will be back this weekend.  In summary…

I have been listening to my body and avoiding gluten, although it has been extremely hard and I have indulged in a fluffy piece of wheat bread on occasion [but have immediately regretted it]…

I have NOT been saving money and have bought a few too many items of clothing, but I have justified each purchase saying that I need them for job interviews [funny how the mind works]…

Ryan and I have continued to train Charlie.  He’s mastered sit and lay down, we’re still working on crawl and shake, and when we say “stay” he looks at us like we’re speaking a foreign language…

Daily Memorable Moment May 1:  I’m committing myself to blogging EVERY DAY this month.  Ambitious?  Maybe.  Awesome?  Yes 😀

Question:  Would you rather have one thing to do or many things to do?

Question:  Do you set goals for yourself?  What’s your goal for May?



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2 responses to “April was Ambitious

  1. BACHELORETTE PARTY! WAHOOOOOOOOO! can’t wait for the recap of that!!!

    have a great time!

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