Three Things Thursday 4.12.12

Thing 1:  Some recent eats…

Thing 2:  Tunes I’m listening to…

Thing 3:  Did you see these two little girls on Ellen?!  Too cute!


“Life always bursts the boundaries of formulas.”

~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Daily Memorable Moments

April 11:  It was my first day back at school after spring break and I agree with what one of my students said, spring break needs to be longer…

April 12:  Charlie spent the day at the groomer- he’s looking super fluffy but it seems to have worn him out, as soon as we got home he fell asleep on the couch 😛

Question:  What’s your current favorite song?

Question:  Do you like avocado?  I thought I hated them other than mashed up in guacamole but for the past week I’ve been eating one a day!



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5 responses to “Three Things Thursday 4.12.12

  1. I LOVE avocado. I was raised on it!!!! I eat some amount of avocado almost everyday. Eggs and avocado is a good combo to try.

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