Event Planning & Successes Sunday: Week 13 & 14

Last week I had a 2-hour round-trip commute into the city.  During the day I sat in class for 7 hours and at night I went home and worked on projects.  To some that may sound less than exciting but for me it was exactly the opposite- I was learning about something that I have recently discovered I have a strong passion for…  Event planning.

I have always been a planner and slightly OCD organized [my family and friends have accepted it thankfully ;)]…  Throughout my school years I have held various PR positions that have required me to coordinate and execute events.  In my personal life I planned my engagement party last summer and currently I am planning my wedding.

Sometimes things don’t always work out as planned and the world has a funny way of working but you just gotta go with it…  Regardless, remember to follow your dreams.


Successes Sunday

1.  Listen to my body.  Although the past two weeks have been extremely busy, and at times somewhat stressful, I felt that I truly listened to my body and fed it what it needed in terms of food and fitness.

Food: I stuck to a primarily gluten-free and vegetarian diet which included lots of avocado, beans, low-fat dairy, and nuts.

Fitness: I went to a pilates mat class on Tuesday and BodyPump on Saturday in addition to my typical gym routine.

2.  Save money.  Most of my monies the past two weeks have gone towards groceries, aka essentials.

Nonessentials: Meeting a girlfriend for a manicure date and buying a computer charger because I left mine at school last week [but guess what, it was still there this morning].

3.  Train Charlie.  After a long day one of the best things to come home to is a puppy who will always love you unconditionally.

Training:  Every night Ryan helps Charlie practice his tricks.  He’s mastered sit, lay down, and speak and is working on crawl and shake.  It’s amazing what a puppy will do for a little piece of deli meat 😛


Daily Memorable Moments

April 7:  Waking up for a Saturday morning sweat session- BodyPump kicked my butt, literally!

April 8:  Ryan and I had the opportunity to spend time with both of our families.  We met his family for lunch and my family for dinner…  Yay for two tasty gatherings!

April 9:  Tomorrow I have a presentation, progress reports, and lesson plans due- I feel somewhat like a college student again with the thought of having to pull an all-nighter…

Question:  Is your current job your dream job?  If not, what’s your dream job?

Question:  What are your Easter traditions?

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