Commute, Eat, Sleep… Repeat

P.S.  A few fun product reviews [and a couple of giveaways] coming  soon!  popchips, Chobani, Arctic Zero…  YUM 😀

Daily Memorable Moments

April 5:  After class I stayed downtown and met Ryan- we grabbed dinner at Legal Sea Foods and watched the Caps beat the Panthers- Caps are in the playoffs!

April 6:  The weather is beautiful  and Ryan has the day off so we’re planning to take Charlie on his first hike 😀

Question:  Share something fun you did this week!

Question:  What’s your favorite type of seafood?  Shrimps are my #1 favorite but I also like fish and lobster…



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8 responses to “Commute, Eat, Sleep… Repeat

  1. My favorite type of seafood is lobster but I LOVE seared tuna also. I noticed that you have Tazo Passion Fruit Tea in one of your food pictures. If you’ve ever tried Starbuck’s Passion Fruit Iced Tea Lemonade, the used that flavor/brand of tea so you can made your own at home!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Yeah, I realized that after the fact… I’m def planning to make a big pitcher of it soon, perfect for the spring/ summer 😀

  2. Enjoy your hike with Charlie!

    My favorite seafood is a hard one. I’m a big fan! I love shrimp, but tuna steak is probably my winner.

    • Life's a Bowl

      Yeah, def hard to choose only one- shrimps are my #1 but I can’t pass up a perfectly grilled piece of fish, especially if it’s swordfish! I’ve never had a tuna steak, only canned tuna- do you prefer it raw or cooked?

  3. Explore. Dream. Bake.

    I would say shrimp is also my favorite type of seafood! It can be cooked so many different ways. However..salmon is high up on the list as well.

    P.S this is my first time checking out your blog and I really like it. 🙂

  4. I hope you enjoyed your hike today! Where did you go?

    I love ALL seafood, but my favorites are seared Ahi tuna, tuna sashimi (love it raw!) and grilled/roasted salmon. All three in one meal would be amazing. 😉

    Okay, so we should definitely meet up some time! We both live in DC yet we haven’t met each other. That needs to change!

    • Life's a Bowl

      There are tons of great trails in VA that follow the Potomac! Let’s definitely meet up, that would be fun 😀

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