TGI… Spring Break

Join me in a little chant?  TGIF, TGIF, TGIF…  Thank Goodness It’s Friday!


Not only is it Friday and the end of the work week, but it’s also the last day of the third quarter at school [all of my grades have been submitted, check!] and exactly at 2:41PM I went on spring break [wahooo!] 😀

This weeks trend has been lots of randomness so let’s end the week with a random recap…

Lottery:  Ryan and I didn’t win, trust me, you would have known.  But the good news is that no one won so the winnings carried over to the drawing tonight and you betcha we bought more tickets!  The lottery jackpot it $640 million dollars [YAY] but the chances in winning are 1 in 176 million [NAY].  Read this article to find out about all the things you could buy with $640 million.

Food:  I haven’t done much sharing of my eats from the week because I’ve been distracted with other things, sorry!  A few of my tasty eats from the week [forewarning: lots of beans]…

500 Challenge:  After running and hiking, my creative juices weren’t flowing last night and I simply did 500 traditional crunches.  Ryan attempted to do them too but switched over to push-ups.  I think I’d like a and try doing some sort of ab circuit…  Anyone have any suggestions?!

Hike:  While hiking yesterday, my momma and I joked that we felt a little like we were in The Hunger Games 😛 After showing Ryan my [low-quality iPhone] pictures I didn’t have to do much convincing for him to agree to go back with me…

Sneakers:  They were great in the gym on the elliptical, spin bike, and treadmill but I was sadly disappointed with their performance on the pavement.  My toes really hurt today and I think I’ll be missing at least two toenails in the coming week.

Nails:  I figured out a solution for my two smudged nails- apply a top coat of glitter!  The little specks of glitter help to disguise the imperfections [note to self: remember this]…

Have a wonderful weekend!

Daily Memorable Moment March 30:  Today was the last day of the 3rd quarter and the start of spring break!  I can’t believe that we’ll only have 9 more weeks of school when we get back from break…

Question:  Are these random posts too random for you?

Question:  What are your fun weekend plans?!  My momma, a friend, and I are addressing our STD’s and Ryan and I are planning to register…  Weekend = wedding planning!



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10 responses to “TGI… Spring Break

  1. I love your random posts! I think it’s fun when you talk about lots of different things–more to think about on my end! 🙂

    Congrats on finishing third quarter and cheers to spring break! I heard about the lottery and was tempted to buy tickets as well, but when I heard those stats, I decided to save my money for a bottle of sparkling Rose. I’ll hold up my glass to whoever wins (maybe you!) :-p

    Where do you go hiking? It looks gorgeous! Happy weekend, love! xoxo

    • Life's a Bowl

      Glad you appreciate the randomness 😉 Haha, I like your money saving idea but too bad I wasn’t the lucky winner… We go for hikes all the time anywhere along the Potomac River, it’s beautiful!

  2. Ahh! Registering is so fun! Enjoy!! We are just hanging out – Kevin has homework. And then we’re going to the library!! Yay. Those look like some delicious meals!

  3. i’m glad i’m not the only one who uses that much cinnamon. haha. 🙂

  4. disneyscooterrentals

    Those foods are tempting. So hungry and I would choose cinnamon first! i bought cinnamon muffins yesterday and now it’s


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