Food Prepped for the Week & Successes Sunday: Week 10

It’s hard to think that this weekend is already over…  I definitely enjoyed the little break from work and wedding planning 🙂

So, how did I do with my goal of getting back into the kitchen this weekend?

1.  Clean out kitchen [organize dishes/ silverware/ food storage containers and create a donation pile]…  DONE!  I didn’t realize how organized everything already is, although I shouldn’t expect anything else with my OCD organized personality.  A few food storage containers were tossed and a few dishes were shifted but everything else stayed the same.

2.  Plan out dinners for the week…  DONE!  Ryan and I didn’t plan a specific meal for each night but we did make a list of potential dinners with the ingredients we have:

  • Breakfast
  • Calzones
  • Chicken sausage and sautéed bell pepper sandwiches
  • Spaghetti and meatballs
  • Stuffed peppers

3.  Compare grocery sales for the week and clip coupons to get more bang [food] for the buck…  DONE!  I made a list of “grocery sales” and clipped coupons from the circular.

4.  Grocery shop for pantry staples and this week’s meals…  DONE!

5.  Buy new food storage containers/ jars…  N/A.  After cleaning and organizing the kitchen, I realized we do not need any more containers.

6.  Prep produce [clean and cut]…  DONE!  I cleaned and cut the broccoli, carrots, and celery, as well as washed the apples.

7.  Prep proteins [i.e. boil eggs, cook chicken breasts, drain canned beans]…  Nope. 

8.  Bake a batch of cookies or muffins…  Nope.

9.  Pre-portion snacks…  Nope.

I’d say I was pretty successful!  I didn’t cook any eggs, bake a batch of cookies or muffins, nor are the snacks pre-portioned, but I did do everything else and I still enjoyed the rest of my weekend spending time with my momma, Ryan, and Charlie 🙂


Successes Sunday

1. Listen to body.

Emotionally:  It’s no surprise that I’ve got wedding on my mind and every time another detail is chosen and finalized, it hits me…  I’M GETTING MARRIED!  It’s not just another beautiful ball gown for some big dance or decorations for a birthday party…  IT’S FOR MY WEDDING!

Mentally:  This past week I felt like I was going 100 mph in 100 different directions.  I am still working with each of my students to complete their portfolios for the mandatory state standardized testing, I had to organize old classwork and complete paperwork for a student who is transferring to a different school [last day with us was Friday], and when my mind wasn’t school-focused it was wedding-focused.  Nonetheless, I’m happy to share that everything I wanted to complete got completed and this past week was super productive.

Physically:  My digestive system has hated me the past couple of days.  I have kept my diet bland but nothing seems to agree with me.  I know, I know [Ryan and momma], I need to go back to the doctor.  My gym routine was pretty similar to usual, cardio on the elliptical, glider, spin bike, but it also included two days of weight training [thanks for the motivation Ryan!]…  I’ve said it before, but I really need to start including weights into my routine on a more frequent basis.

2.  Save money.

Money this week went towards groceries, a prescription,  and a deposit for our wedding venue.  I’d say those are all legitimate purchases, nothing just for enjoyment or pleasure!

Money saved at the grocery store: $9.18 [Teet] + $6.98 [Safeway] + $5.24 [Target] + $6.29 [Teet] = $27.69

Another thing to mention is that for a while in the fall, Ryan and I would go out to eat every weekend.  It was definitely a tasty treat but it was also a huge expense.  I honestly don’t think that we have gone out to eat since we got Charlie [other than for my momma’s birthday dinner] and with everything going on with my health I’m somewhat hesitant to eat out.  I don’t mind staying in and cooking but I do miss the date factor.  Ryan and I decided this weekend that we would allow ourselves a date night once a month!  I love dressing up and putting on make-up for a special occasion…  Side note: date night is not the same as going out to dinner to celebrate a family member or friend’s birthday.

3.  Train Charlie.

“If Charlie had a buddy his name would be buddy!”

~ Ryan’s latest and greatest Charlie jingle

Out of all his toys, his favorites are an empty plastic water bottle and one of Ryan’s old shirts.  He loves chasing the bottle around the apartment and dragging the shirt with him [it’s super cute, like a little baby with a blanket]!

Training:  He already knows fetch, sit, and speak so we’re focusing on lay down and stay.


Daily Memorable Moments

March 10:  Signing and submitting the contract for our wedding venue…  It’s really gonna happen!

March 11:  Thinking about all the future potential possibilities that are on the horizon…  I’m SO EXCITED!

Question:  What’s the best thing you did this weekend?!

Question:  What’s one thing you did this weekend to save you time during the week?



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2 responses to “Food Prepped for the Week & Successes Sunday: Week 10

  1. I loved celebrating those little engaged moments!! So fun. Married moments are fun too!!! I’m excited for our first anniversary coming up. Looks like you were pretty stinking productive this weekend!

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