Saturday 3.3.12

Daily Memorable Moment March 3: We met with two florists and were impressed by both AND I think we found dresses and shoes for the bridesmaids!

Question:  What’s your favorite flower?

Question:  Raisins- yay or nay?


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6 responses to “Saturday 3.3.12

  1. Marcee ..... ILLINOIS

    Awww …. Charlie’s baby tooth ….. all gone. Glad that he did not swallow the tooth. More to go.

    Not to worry. Charlie’s permanents will be coming in. They will be very beautiful …. strong and very white. I love seeing poochies new teeth!

    Hopefully, Charlie is eating more. It does take time. Poodles do love chicken and turkey. Our Jamie sure did! We always cooked for the little fella every day. Haha.

    Good weekend to you all.

    P.S. Charlie sure looks nice and fluffy …. so cute!

  2. lovely pictures! is that your puppy’s tooth?!?!?!

    Have a wonderful Monday, and a happy week!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Yeah- Ryan found on the floor next to one of the dining room chairs! I was so surprised he was able to see it in the white carpet…

  3. La Brea bread is the BEST!! I went to the bakery in California, and it was a life-changing experience. 😉

    My favorite flower is the gerber daisy because it’s bright, colorful and happy. 🙂 Raisins are a yay, but only in cinnamon raisin bread or rolls!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend! xoxo

    • Life's a Bowl

      I would LOVE to go to their bakery, I would be in heaven! Only problem is I doubt I would be able to choose just one bread 😛 Have you ever tried raisins in cereal/ oats or even yogurt? I currently can’t get enough of them… Hope your weekend was full of fun!

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