Sleep, Eat, Work, Repeat

My life lately has been very routine: sleep, eat, teach, workout [if there’s time], meet with wedding vendors, and REPEAT.


I didn’t sleep very well last night [IDK why] and woke up at 4AM.  Unable to fall back asleep, I decided to start my day a couple of hours earlier than usual and make the most of the extra time.  I hopped into the shower, got dressed, packed lunch for Ryan and I, made tasty breakfast, caught up on emails, and tidied up the apartment.

On my way out the door I made a cup of coffee to-go but ended up wearing most of it not drinking it [FAIL].  Luckily, I had a few minutes to spare and made a second cup…


The past couple of weeks I’ve been stressing out because I have to begin collecting evidence.  No, not criminal evidence, rather evidence in the form of work samples from my students for the state assessment.  My students do not participate in the general state assessments, rather they complete an alternative assessment that portrays their work in a portfolio format…  So over the next month I have about 40 mini projects to collect, complete, and submit!

My lunches the past two days have looked pretty similar, the main difference being the protein on top of my salad [ham yesterday, tuna today]…

After school I swung by the gym for a quick sweat session before Ryan and I drove up to Maryland to meet with another potential wedding vendor.  How else do future married couples spend their evenings?  On the way home we stopped by the Teet to pick up a few groceries [specifically, Fresca] so we didn’t get home until after 8PM which meant dinner needed to be simple, yet satisfying…

I’ve been awake for over 17 hours and I’m pooped.  It’s time to end my day on a sweet note with a bowl of ice cream + cereal [tastes just like a crushed up waffle cone!] and call it a day…  Good night!

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”

~ Anna Quindlen

Daily Memorable Moment February 28:  I found out that 2 of my students will be transferring to a new school within the next 2 weeks…

Question:  What’s the tastiest breakfast you’ve enjoyed lately?

Question:  Do you typically pack your lunch or go out?



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6 responses to “Sleep, Eat, Work, Repeat

  1. I hope you get to rest soon!! I feel as though im in a crunch right now too, but luckily things will easy up in a few weeks!!

    happy Wednesday to you!


    • Life's a Bowl

      Thanks! I def feel like I’m trying to do 100 different things at once but at least [most] are fun 😀 Good luck with all of your to-do’s!

  2. 4am wake up? wowza. At least you made the most of your day! 🙂
    That dinner looks delish!

  3. I bring my lunch almost every day. Every other week I eat out one day a week with a friend. I like bringing lunch!

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