First Bridal Consultation

Yesterday after work I skipped the gym in favor of meeting my momma to go…



Or rather wedding GOWN shopping [if we’re going to get technical].  I was informed that there is a slight difference between wedding dresses and wedding gowns…  All wedding gowns are dresses, but not all wedding dresses are gowns.


The difference: wedding gowns are long and are formal, while wedding dresses can be short and either formal or informal.


But in reality, the two terms are interchangeable and I doubt anyone will give you grief for whichever you prefer…


Wedding dress or wedding gown, they’re both classy, elegant, and help to make a bride feel like a complete princess for a day!


So, did I find THE dress?


…my lips are sealed!


As much as I wanna share what I loved and what I loathed, I am going to try my best to keep it a secret.  I have never been a good secret keeper so I don’t know how long I will be able to keep quiet [hehe]!  I have a couple more bridal consultations this weekend and I am hoping to say yes to THE dress by next weekend 😀


Daily Memorable Moment February 23:  Going to my first bridal consultation!

Question:  What style of wedding dresses do you like?  A straight skirt or something fuller?  What type of neckline?

Question:  Who did you or who would you bring shopping with you?  I decided to only bring my mom with me to shop for THE dress but will invite my girlfriends to the fittings…



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14 responses to “First Bridal Consultation

  1. My vote is for the lacey halter top w/ gold sash – its amazing!! but they’re all lovely!!

  2. Amy

    I love ALL of those that you posted!! We have similar taste. Can’t wait to see which one you chose 🙂 so exciting, living vicariously through you haha!!

  3. Eek! I can’t wait to see what you chose. I love that second one. There is something about a plunging neckline that gets me every time.

  4. I like the idea of a full dress (especially the one with ruffles you posted! My description of it sounds like a bad 80’s dress but it looks nice in the pic). But, I don’t think I’d have a formal enough wedding for something like that so I’d probably go with something less full.

    I will definitely bring my best friend. We’ve been friends since kindergarten so she knows me really well. Even though we have completely different styles, I trust she will tell me the truth about what looks good on me and fits my style.

  5. AH! that must be so much fun. i love dress #2. i haven’t shopped yet (obvi, don’t even have a bf, hahah) but i love simple long dresses with not a lot to them. who knows what i’ll like once i get married…if i get there! hahah 🙂 happy friday girlfriend!!

  6. Oh yay! Have fun wedding shopping!

    I’m a big fan of on the edge of the shoulder straps/pieces and fitted at the waist..but knowing me I’ll end up in something loose and not super fancy on a beach somewhere. 🙂

  7. I think I have some photos of my dress on the About Me page of my blog- mine was definitely not traditional. I went shopping two different days for THE DRESS- a month apart. I was so put off by my first trip (to David’s Bridal, trying on everything!) that I didn’t even want to go look again. I didn’t find anything remotely close to what I envisioned wearing. Then, on my second trip (to a small boutique bridal shop) I spotted a short dress and thought “what the heck.” I didn’t love the dress itself, but loved the length! The salesgirl actually suggested I try some bridesmaid dresses (in white). I found the PERFECT dress (that I ended up buying) and it was $180. And it was the most comfortable thing I could have worn (aside from shorts and a tank top) on that July day!

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