In A New York Minute

This weekend went by so fast it all feels like one big blur [evidence: blurry pictures, sorry!]…

breakfast on the go [PB&J wafflewich, yogurt & a pear]

snowy white surroundings

on-board entertainment

refueling at Sbucks [cappuccino for her, egg white wrap for him]

a sneak peek into Times Square

ice rink at Rockefeller Plaza


on top of the Empire State Building

primped & pretty for our engagement pictures

a romantic dinner at Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse

shrimp cocktail to start [& a unpictured salad]

happily fed couple

lobster tail for her [& a unpictured side of broccoli & a jumbo baked potato]

filet for him

dessert indulgence at Tasti D-Lite

breakfast buffet plate [times two]

view from our hotel room

Grand Central Station

traveling home

back home with our little boy

On Friday I outlined out trip, let’s recap:

1.  Travel:  Our Amtrak experience went off without a hitch!  We will definitely be taking the train [back to NYC] again in the near future.

2.  Accommodations:  Overall, the Hilton New York was good- the room was clean, the bed was comfortable, the gym was packed with Precor machines, and the two bars and restaurant were nice.  Our only complaint is that we had no hot water Saturday night or Sunday morning.  With a real feel temperature in the teens, a cold shower is less than enjoyable…

3.  Dining:  The first word that comes to mind about our dinner at Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse is WOW!  When we arrived for our 7PM reservation, we were immediately seated and our waiter was table side taking our drink order and delivering a bread basket.  Thank goodness the service was speedy or else I think Ryan and I would totally have filled up on rolls…  For appetizers, we both ordered the colossal shrimp cocktail and I also got a house salad.  For the main course, I ordered the lobster tail and Ryan chose the filet [with a side of broccoli and jumbo baked potatoes].  Without a doubt, the best meal either of us have ever eaten!

4.  Attractions:  There were so many things that we wanted to do and see but out time was limited to only 1 day…  We ultimately didn’t end up visiting the 9/11 Memorial but we did go to the top of the Empire State Building which provided us with beautiful views of the city…

5.  Charlie:  I was nervous about leaving Charlie in the care of someone other than myself or Ryan.  On Saturday morning we called the PetsHotel and they said that he was a little anxious on Friday night but quickly settled down and fell asleep.  When we picked him up Sunday afternoon, they said that he seemed to have enjoyed the playtime and treat time [although he didn’t eat his afternoon fro-yo] and did well during his first grooming experience!  I think Charlie enjoyed his first “vacation” but he was definitely happy to be home with his momma and daddy…


Daily Memorable Moments

January 11:  Getting our engagement pictures taken and enjoying the best meal of my life!

January 12:  Picking up Charlie from the PetsHotel and bringing him home- there’s nothing like puppy love…

January 13:  Getting back into the swing of things at home and at work.

Question:  Have you ever been to the top of the Empire State Building?

Question:  What’s your fave thing to order when you’re out at a fancy dinner?


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