Requesting NYC Recommendations

Next weekend Ryan and I are going to NYC and I couldn’t be more excited 😀  But, we haven’t made any of our arrangements so my #1 to-do this weekend is to book our tickets, make a hotel reservation, and outline an itinerary!  I’ve been to NYC a few times and every time I go I wish a) I had more time and b) I want to pick up my life and move into the city!  Something about the hustle and bustle and having everything right at your fingertips is super alluring to me…  Knowing that many people live in NYC and plenty have at least visited, I thought it would be fun to ask for your recommendations!


Should we travel by plane or by train?  We’ll be coming from DC…

Where should we stay?  Should we splurge for a hotel in Times Square or save some monies and stay further out?

What should I pack?  We’ll only be there for one day…

Where’s the best place to get a cup of coffee or cappuccino?  Sbucks will always have a special place in my heart but locally owned joints are always fun to check out…

What’s your #1 must-see attraction?  I would really like to see the 9/11 Memorial


Should we walk across the Brooklyn Bridge or go for a walk in Central Park?  I think the bridge would be fun at night and the park would be fun during the day…

Where should we go to dinner?  American, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, and seafood are our some of our faves…

What’s the best after dinner treat- fro-yo or a cupcake?  I love fro-yo but I’ve never been to a cupcake bakery…

Should we get tickets to see a show or make no plans and let ourselves wander?  I saw The Lion King on Broadway years ago and thought it was phenomenal!

Where’s the best place to go for a to run?  I’ve always wanted to run through Central Park!

Where can we get a classic NYC bagel?  I want to sink my teeth into something doughy and delicious…


Ryan and I went for a run/ skate tonight and I felt like I was chasing the sunset…

Daily Memorable Moment January 3:  Coming home to a minor flood in our kitchen.  We initially thought that our washer was leaking but it turns out that the guy above us had a hole in one of his pipes and it leaked through to our apartment, lovely [not]…

Question:  See questions above!!!



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13 responses to “Requesting NYC Recommendations

  1. We’re waiting to see the recomendations! We’re going to NYC too! So excited!!!

  2. whitney

    Matt and I took a whirlwind trip to NYC a few years ago. Stayed in the Wellington Hotel, right next to Central Park, and not too far from Times Square. I remember it was pretty reasonably priced. We did splurge for dinner and went to a Cuban restaurant called Victor’s Cafe (which is actually a restaurant and very delicious!). Good luck making plans! xo

  3. NYC!!! Definitely check out Megabus/Boltbus tickets. You can get there in 4-5 hours for as low as $1 (usually more like $10-15, but still). DO NOT fly. It took me 10 hours to get home from NYC flying last year. I could’ve walked faster.

    You must run through Central Park. When I went with Kat Lobes 2 years ago, her mom took us to Bagel Works (UES) and the bagels were AMAZING. It’s the only place I’ve been, but I highly recommend it.

    Okay, I’m jealous now.

    • Life's a Bowl

      We checked out bus options but we decided to travel by train- should be fun!!! I’ll totes have to check out your recommendations, thanks 😀

  4. Sana

    I have to chime in with a bagel recommendation – Absolute Bagels on the Upper West Side has the best bagels you will ever eat in NYC. Try to get there around 11 though because the line is usually out the door around 9. here’s a link to the Yelp review:
    Enjoy your time in NYC!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Thanks so much for the rec! Unfortunately our train departs Sun morning at 11AM so we may have to fight those crowds…

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  6. Brenda

    Magnolia Bakery has the best cupcake I have ever eaten in my entire life! I literally dream about it. Hope you can enjoy one while you’re in NYC!

  7. NYC, fun!!! Ya’ll have lots of fun and post lots of pictures when you get back!

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