Pepe Le Pew & Successes Sunday: Week 4

Yesterday when we were on a walk I made the observation that Charlie kinda resembles this handsome lad…


…Pepe Le Pew!  And ever since, I can’t stop thinking of my “Pepe Puppy” 😉


Successes Sunday

1.  Listen to my body. 

-Attend at least 1 fitness class a week.  Yup!  I went to a Pilates mat class this afternoon- a great class for stretching and strength [your own body weight creates resistance]…

-Take time to rest when I am exhausted or sick.  Yup!  I originally planned to take my rest day on Friday but after an exhausting day Wednesday a rest day sounded fabulous on Thursday…

-Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Ehhh.  This week was super tough with it being the last week of the second quarter at school and I def let it get to me.  But on the bright side, I’m halfway done with my first year of teaching!

2.  Save money.

-Clip coupons.  Yup!  I flipped through the weekly grocery deals in the newspaper and made a list of this weeks savings and I also clipped TONS of coupons from the circular…

-Wait and shop sales.  Yup!  I saved approximately $50 this week at the grocery store using coupons and my store cards!

-Buy what I need, not what I want.  Yup!  Yesterday when Ryan and I were at the mall, I picked up two things at the Trish McEvoy make-up counter and used a Nordstrom gift card and some rewards dollars so I only paid $3!  I also resisted the urge to buy a pair of flats- when we were walking throughout the mall, I saw a bunch of flyers on the Steve Madden store window that said “All flats $9.99 and boots 14.99”!  The flats were cute [and practically a steal], but they were def a want, not a need…

3.  Train Charlie.

-To recognize his name and to come on command.  DONE!

-To sleep soundly throughout the night in his bed.  DONE!

 -To sit.  Yup!  I’ve been practicing this I give him a treat and Ryan does too when they’re playing fetch…

Last Week’s Goals

-To schedule my workouts [independent and classes] into my calendar and stick to them.  Yup!  I entered workouts into my calendar and for the most part I stuck to them, with the exception of switching my rest day and skipping BodyPump on Saturday but I still went to the gym.

-To drink more water and less seltzer water.  Yup!  I had 1 four days this week which is much less than my usual 2 each day!  Adding a slice of lime definitely added a little pizazz to the otherwise boring water.

-To recognize when Charlie needs to go out for a walk.  Ehhh.  We still need to work on this…

-To start researching potential wedding venues.  Yup!  I contacted another potential venue to set up a tour!

-To finish and submit all of my second quarter grades.  DONE! 

This Week’s Goals

-To schedule my workouts [independent and classes] into my calendar and stick to them.

-To recognize when Charlie needs to go out for a walk. 

-To start researching potential wedding venues.

-Cook 2 hot dinners.

Daily Memorable Moments

January 28:  Having a fabulous Saturday [morning walk, Teet lunch date, gym, shopping, Costco, dinner, and a movie]- every Saturday could be filled with good food, good company, and fun activities!

January 29:  I work part-time as a hostess at a housing development and today I sat in the new model home.  I fell in love, the house is absolutely beautiful, it’s my dream home!



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2 responses to “Pepe Le Pew & Successes Sunday: Week 4

  1. You were so successful with your goals! Keep up the hard work!

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