Mr. Scar Man

This week I made a mini goal to enter my workouts into my calendar versus going to the gym and just winging it.  I initially tried to outline what type of cardio and which weights I’d do but that felt too restricting, like I HAD to do that exact workout and knowing my personality I’ll change my mind…  So instead, I just stuck with the basics: time and type of exercise…

Sunday: 45-minutes cardio

Monday: 30-minutes cardio/ weights

Tuesday: 45-miniutes cardio

Wednesday: 45-minutes cardio

Thursday: 30-miniutes cardio/ weights

Friday: off

Saturday: BodyPump [it’ll be my first time!]


Now, something that’s gym-related but a little heavier than my workout plan for the week, something that’s been on my chest and I’ve been wanting to share but haven’t because…  It’s personal.

A few weeks ago I was on the elliptical, mindlessly pedaling my feet back and forth when a middle-age gentleman approached me.  I had noticed that he walked by me a few minutes prior but after a quick hesitation, he kept walking.  The man stood in front of my machine and waved to get my attention.  Being the outgoing, perky person I am, I took my headphones out from my ears and said hi.

I could tell by the inquisitive look on his face he had more to say than just a simple hello.  He did not introduce himself, rather he dove directly into the conversation…

Man:  Were you here over the other day riding one of the bikes?

Me:  Yup…

Man:  Well, I was watching you and I noticed the two rather large scars on your legs.

Me:  Oh, yeah.

Man:  How did you get them?

Me:  I had two melanomas removed over the summer.

Man:  Wow…  Really?

Me:  Yup.

Man:  And you’re all okay now?

Me:  Yup

Man:  Those are large scars, have you thought of having plastic surgery so they’re not so prominent?

Me:  Uhhh, nope.

Man:  Well, I think that would be wise.

[after an awkward silent stare, he walked away]

Within moments my blank mind was racing.  Some guy was watching me because of the two “rather large scars” on my legs?  I am aware that I have two scars on my legs but I wasn’t aware that they were so attention-grabbing.  Plastic surgery?  The only time I’d ever consider plastic surgery is if I got into a horrible accident and some part of my body was left deformed.  Emphasis on horrible accident, not melanoma surgery.

I debated whether or not I should call it quits and drown in my sorrows at home but I ultimately was thankful that I was wearing pants and finished my workout.  The man ended up hoping onto a bike in front of me and in my mind I wished that I could give him bronchitis.  Sorry, that’s awful but he made me feel awful and what goes around comes around, right?  Karma…

Since that first encounter I have seen “Mr. Scar Man” at the gym twice.  Both times he’s taken the time to smile, wave, and say hi.  The first time I saw him, I immediately texted Ryan and he told me to look away but that’s not my personality so I smiled, waved back, and said hi.

Thinking about it a few weeks later, I feel somewhat silly that I let such a brief exchange with a complete stranger effect me as much as it did.  For all I know, the man could be a plastic surgeon just trying to find some business at the gym [but if that’s the case, I’d tell him to take his business elsewhere].  Or maybe he truly was just wondering what happened to my legs and if the scars were gonna heal.

Regardless of his intentions, I can’t help but look at my legs differently now.  Before when I looked into the mirror, I saw two legs with two scars.  Now, I look into the mirror and see two strong legs with two scars that provide me with support for 12+ hours a day.  When my doctor first told me that the two shave biopsy’s came back abnormal, I was a mess of emotions and all I could think about was that I had two melanomas, or cancer.  I won’t lie, the thought of having a chunk of my leg removed [while I was awake] freaked the hell out of me but the thought of having cancer was even scarier but now, I feel so blessed knowing that the melanomas were removed.


I’m planning to head to the gym in a little, who wants to bet that I’ll bump into Mr. Scar Man?  Maybe I should thank him for making me realize that I’d take two scars over two melanomas any day!

P.S.  Here, here, here, and here are some of my past melanoma posts…

Question:  How would you have responded to Mr. Scar Man?

Question:  Have any cool stories about how you got a scar?


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25 responses to “Mr. Scar Man

  1. Ugh…the things people will say. I would have responded just the way you did. I wouldn’t have said a thing. Why make the effort for someone who doesn’t deserve it?!

    PS. You are going to love BodyPump…I hope!

  2. Wow! Some people really don’t think before they speak. I’m sure he wasn’t trying to upset you but still questions are better left unasked. I would never approach someone and ask them about a scar or something of the sort unless they offered the information to me, but I guess that is just me!

    I definitely would have responded like you though and would have been as one worded answered as possible!

  3. men are dumb. way to go on planning your workouts that awesome!

  4. I agree with the comments above. Sometimes people really think they have the right to butt into other peoples’ business. I’m sorry, and I hope you dont let him change how you feel about your body. I find that people often dont even think about how someone might feel before they say something……. esp. to a woman about her body. Frustrating experience, and annoying that you may run into him again……..but I guess all you can do is be compassionate… he is probably really struggling inside if all he can think about is someone “changing” their appearance for his version of something more beautiful. Silly too because EVERYONE has scars, cellulite, birth marks, etc. That’s what makes us beautiful- how we are unique from each other. Forget about his comment and focus on you!

    “Love yourself—accept yourself—forgive yourself—and be good to yourself, because without you the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things.” -Leo F. Buscaglia

    hugs to you, pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Thanks for such the sweet words and I LOVE that quote!!! I’m def not letting a few wise words from a stranger get to me…

  5. hillarygras

    Wear shorts EVERY day. I would have told him exactly what you were thinking – you have TWO STRONG LEGS. Good for you for rising above it and realizing the power that is there. The story.

    I have a scar from being a silly little girl who was dancing/twirling and ran into the corner of a wall. It’s on my forehead. For the longest time I had bangs because of that scar. One year I got over it and grew them out. I’m sure I’m the only one that notices it daily. Now if someone notices it, I have a funny story to tell!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Thanks 🙂 I have a scar on my forehead that I got when I was being a silly little girl too [my first stitches experience]! I was playing with one of those fairy dancers [you pull the string and they fly off the wand] and it got stuck under something so when I stood up, I hit my forehead on an edge piece but I had no clue that it was bleeding until it started running down my face! I had bangs all throughout childhood but not because of my scar, but because my momma thought they were cute 😛 Def true that scars tell stories…

  6. Holy crap! What a rude person!!! Scars, freckles, birthmarks, whatever they are, they’re 19082309 times better than having an ugly personality!

  7. Yeah what the heck? I actually thought it was going to continue on that he was a plastic surgeon and was trying to get your business. either way that is SUPER rude of him especially to make that much of an effort to bring that up, not like he mentioned it in an already casual conversation he literally stood in front of you and waved you down. Very strange.
    Anyway you handled it well. Basically… who cares guy? And mind your business! What if someone had a scar across the top of their forehead because they had a brain tumor removed (my cousin!) would he have done the same thing?

    • Life's a Bowl

      Part of me wishes I had asked him if he was a plastic surgeon but I have no clue where that conversation could have led?! I have tons of scars all over my body from playing sports but these two are def “rather large”. Oh my goodness, a brain tumor? Scars truly tell a story… I hope he/she is rocking that scar Harry Potter style 😉

  8. People have too much time on their hands don’t they? Who even asked for this dudes opinion. I wish some people would grow a filter and shut their mouth. Sometimes opinions are just not wanted. But, I think you handled it well I probably would have cursed a boat load of bad words at him

  9. First of all, thanks for your comment over at Home is Where the Cookies Are, second of all, congratulations on your scars. Wear them like badges. You made it through and you should not be ashamed. They tell a story about where you have been and who you are. Keep on riding. In SHORT shorts, baby!

  10. I probably would of reacted the same way you did. I feel like there are so many creepy people at the gym! Especially where I am! I’m in the city and the YMCA I go to is the best/biggest gym around and everyone goes! I also do have a scar but there is no cool story to it! I have about an inch long scar above my right eye brow and I got it when I was in the fourth grade at a slumber party. We were play a really intense game where people were tearing around every direction and a girl jumped over me when I was sitting down and her toe nail caught my eye brow and gave me a gouge (gross, right?). I probably should have gotten stitches or at least put a butterfly bandage on it but, I did neither haha. I was in forth grade and I knew I’d have to leave the slumber party and didn’t want to!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Haha, that’s still a story! I have a smaller scar [about an inch?] on my upper forehead too! I was at a friends house and hit my head after picking up one of those fairy dancers [pull the string and they flew off]… But I had no idea that I had cut myself until I had blood rushing down my face and my friends mom started to panic 😛

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  12. that guy’s a dick. I have a very large scar on my left wrist that looks like I tried to end it all. I didn’t, I was doing dishes and almost ended it all on a wine glass. It tore my artery, my ulnar nerve, and could have killed me while my then 14 mo son watched. I lived. Screw anyone who says anything about it.

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