Successes Sunday: Week 3

Successes Sunday

1.  Listen to my body. 

-Attend at least 1 fitness class a week.  Nope.

-Take time to rest when I am exhausted or sick.  Yup!  There were no illnesses this week but Friday I felt exhausted so I decided against the gym and instead Ryan and I took Charlie for his first big walk.

-Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Yup!

2.  Save money.

-Clip coupons.  Yup!  I clipped a few coupons earlier in the week and from the circular yesterday…

-Wait and shop sales.  N/A [wasn’t shopping for anything this week].

-Buy what I need, not what I want.  Yup!  My only purchases this week were groceries and I have decided to cut down on my Sbucks stops…

$26 X 4 X 12 = $1,248

…that’s over $1,000 a year on coffee [HOLY CRAPOLA that’s a lot of monies]!  I have decided that getting Sbucks twice a week [once during the week, once on the weekend] is much more feasible.  Of course there will be exceptions and some weeks there will be more than 2 Sbucks drinks but that’s only if: A) I am meeting friends for a coffee catch-up or B) if someone offers to treat me to a drink [ahem, momma and Ryan ;)].

3.  Train Charlie.

-To recognize his name and to come on command.  Yup!

-To sleep soundly throughout the night in his bed.  Yup!  This morning I was awake at 6:15AM and had to wait another hour for the little pipsqueak to wake from his slumber!

 -To sit.  Ehhh.  He sits when he wants to but we’re still working on command…

I’m happy with the progress that I’ve made so far in regards to my 2012 goals, but I think that I’d also benefit from setting a few short-term [weekly] goals.

This week I want to…

-To schedule my workouts [independent and classes] into my calendar and stick to them.  Saturday = BodyPump, Sunday = Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

-To drink more water and less seltzer water.  I’m not a big fan of plain water [other than after a sweaty run] so I’m adding a slice of fresh lime for a little pizzaz…

-To recognize when Charlie needs to go out for a walk.  For being only 15-weeks-old he is doing great…  He knows to go to the door when we say “outside” and his accidents are at a minimum but that’s because we take him out almost every hour.  I want to start recognizing his “I need to go to the bathroom” signs.

-To start researching potential wedding venues.  Ryan and I started looking at venues in the fall [recap 1, recap 2] and fell in love with one venue but it’s really expensive so we both have agreed that it would be smart to consider a few other options…

-To finish and submit all of my second quarter grades.

P.S.  I reacquainted myself with Pinterest this morning and it felt so good- places to go, cute clothes, wedding wishes, inspirational and motivational thoughts, DIY projects, and stuff for the home- if only I could have it all [in my dreams]…

Daily Memorable Moment January 22:  Teet lunch date with two of my fave people…  Good food + good company = a good time!

Question:  Do you have specific food/ meal days?  For example, Ryan and I have pizza every Sunday night…

Question:  Do you eat fro-yo/ ice cream in the winter?  I’ve been making a fro-yo sundae almost every night the past few weeks and I’m lovinggg them 😀



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10 responses to “Successes Sunday: Week 3

  1. Growing up, we always had steak on Saturday night and usually had pizza on Friday night. I don’t do that now, but might do something like pizza on Friday when I have kids. I could eat fro-yo in a blizzard. It’s never too cold!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Haha, I had similar nights growing up- Friday night pizza, Sunday night steak- guess it’s those good old American ways ;P Nowadays, I rarely eat red meat so we don’t do a steak night but pizza is always welcomed!

  2. Thursday night –> Date night out!
    Friday night —> pizza night!

    I like fro-yo in the winter, but I don’t crave it as much.

    • Life's a Bowl

      Love date nights 😀 but we usually do them Saturday since it’s hard to coordinate during the week… Friday night was pizza night growing up!

  3. I’m with you for the “listen to your body” plan !!!

    When I was younger, my mom never cooked on sunday night (she cooks every other meals) so it was cereals every sunday dinner !! Really cool =)

    • Life's a Bowl

      That’s fun! My mom cooked every night too but would take off one night and we called it “catch-can night” [aka catch what you can], we would either have leftovers or something effortless like soup and grilled cheese 🙂

  4. I always wanted to have a certain meal for a certain day but when it’s just me, it’s not as exciting. hehe.

    and I don’t do ice cream when it’s winter…frozen bananas covered in chocolate though…that always works for me!

    • Life's a Bowl

      In college I was cooking only for myself so my meals were less than exciting- it’s hard to make a meal for one [especially when you’re not a leftover lover]! Mmm, chocolate bananas reminds me of the beach boardwalk- you get a whole banana [stuck on a stick] dipped in freshly melted chocolate 😀

  5. I’m usually a Sunday Sushi kind of gal. But this week it ended up being a pizza day for us too. Football=Pizza. 🙂

    Have to ask…why cutting down on the seltzer?

    • Life's a Bowl

      Oooh, I could def start doing sushi Sunday- it’s got a nice ring to it too!

      Well considering that I’ve already downed one seltzer today I’m not so sure how well I’ll do with that goal. I’m trying it to save a buck or two a day… What I really should [or rather want to] do is buy a SodaStream 😉

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