Icy Snow Blanket

Daily Memorable Moment January 21:  The first [sticking] snowfall of the season!

Question:  What’s your fave snow day activity?

Question:  Best thing you ate today?


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7 responses to “Icy Snow Blanket

  1. I love just relaxing and staying inside when it gets super snowy and the streets are still bad. The best thing I ate today? A bowl of cereal, I was out of milk all week so it really hit the spot after grocery shopping!

    • Life's a Bowl

      We didn’t get that much snow but we got some ice which made it difficult… We def used the “snow” excuse yesterday and didn’t do much 😛

  2. The University of Washington had THREE snow days this week!! I consider myself an expert. Step #1. Make warm breakfast and eat it in bed. Step #2 Read a magazine. Step #3 Stay in bed until lunch. Afternoon activities: go for a walk, watch a movie, hang out on Pinterest. Do one thing sort of productive (like throw away some socks), make dinner and watch TV. Ha ha. Three snow days is toooo many though!! I was going nuts!

  3. It snowed here too! I love the snow and just being able to stay in and relax! Best thing I ate, had to be the jambalaya I made.

  4. I love your adorable family!!! 😀

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