C Land

Today almost everything I ate, drank, listened to, and did, started with the letter C!  And for those words that were being difficult and didn’t start with C…  C adjective + other letter word = another C thing [haha]!  FYI: No, I didn’t make my students brainstorm C words [although I’m sure their responses would have been pretty creative], I used the trusty companion known as Google!


I clearly had too much time on my hands today and stretched this C idea a bit far but an idea popped into my mind and I just went with it!  I blame it on having a half-day of school and classes were only 15-25 minutes, just enough time for my students settle down and write their name and date on an assignment…

Creamy coffee

Chilly morning

Comfy oversized sweater

Casual fleece-lined leggings & Cozy boots [with the fur]

Crisp apple, Chobani, & [slightly] Charred waffles

Comprehensive organizing & planning

Cherry + lime Trident Layers gum

Coniferous veggies and Carrots, vitamin C, Cheese stick, ham wrap-ups with Crisp romaine lettuce, & Kashi Chewy bar

Clipping Coupons & Checking sales

Colbie Caillat’s song “Brighter Than The Sun”


Cereal bowl with banana Chips and dark Chocolate chips

Chilly phone background

I’m planning to squeeze in a Crucial workout before Ryan and I go return a piece of furniture we bought and decided not to use.  I’m not sure what I’ll make for dinner- maybe something with Chicken sausage and parm Cheese?- followed by a bowl of ice Cream and Cuddling on the sofa with Charlie?!  Maybe Ryan will make us a Crackling fire…  Phew, that’s enough C‘s for one day. 

C y’all later!  Okay, I’m done now, really…  C!

P.S.  Christina from Hungry Meets Healthy is hosting a 2012 Valentine’s Day Blogger Swap!  If you want to participate don’t be shy and send her an email by Monday, January 23rd with your contact info, some of your fave eats and hobbies, and a link to your blog [if you have one]!

Question:  What C thing did you do or eat today?

Question:  Ever think of a crazy idea and just go with it?



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8 responses to “C Land

  1. Uhh….a crappy salad? hahaha! that’s not a very good C-word.

    • Life's a Bowl

      Ohhh no! I don’t think that’s possible- your food always looks delic and random, garbage bowl salads are my fave!

  2. Ha! I was just thinking about a place called Chutney’s when I opened this post and saw all the Cs. Love the comfy sweater and those boots (with the fur). I always wanted to do a Halloween costume with the apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur. Unfortunately I think I missed it by a couple of years.

  3. this post was Cute and Clever!! 😀

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