The First 72 Hours

Name: Charlie

Date of Birth: October 5, 2011

Mother: Delsie Peaches     Father: Get R Done Sammy

Daily Memorable Moments:

January 6:  Coming home to Charlie.  Dogs will always love you unconditionally.  Regardless if you’ve had an awesome or a rotten day, they’ll love you just as much and shower you with kisses.  A little affection is exactly what I needed after a rough day at work.

January 7:  I warn you, this is a little dirty[?] haha… Ryan and I brought Charlie to meet two of my girlfriends in the town center.  On the walk from the car to Sbucks, Charlie did his [dirty] business on the sidewalk.  I was hysterically laughing while Ryan was completely embarrassed and had the lucky opportunity of picking it up.  While I was waiting in line at Sbucks, I noticed something felt funny in my shoe…  I HAD POO IN MY SHOE!  Somehow between pulling Charlie towards the little spot of bushes to finish his business and hysterically laughing, my foot must have slipped out of my Ugg slippers and slipped into the poo!  When I met everyone back outside Charlie was sitting in one of my girlfriend’s lap enjoying a nice belly rub but when he rolled over she noticed something…  SHE HAD POO ON HER JACKET!  Thank goodness we both are a suckers for sweetness or else Charlie would have been in serious doo-doo 😛

Question:  Are you a sucker for sweetness?

Question:  Have any suggestions how I can clean my shoe without ruining the fur?



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14 responses to “The First 72 Hours

  1. Joy

    Vinegar and water will take the poo out. The vinegar smell will go away quickly. Then use a hair dryer to fluff up the plush parts:)

  2. What a cutie!!! And you’re right. Dogs are the best for unconditional love!! So sweet.

  3. Awww so cute! You will get lots of love and cuddles from him. I have a Boston terrier but I’m not with him at the moment (other side of the world) but I definitely miss him!

  4. oh man he is too cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! what a special moment!!!

  5. Charlie is adorable! I had a standard poodle when I was kid all the way until I was an adult. They are a special breed!

  6. OMG!! i want your dog. what a cutie!

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