A Slug & A Pup

Good morning!  First, a couple of updates from yesterday

1.  I have bronchitis [arg].  The doctor recommended that I stay home from school today and tomorrow [fever = contagious] and prescribed me an inhaler to help with the asthmatic-like symptoms and a z-pack.  And in regards to the 12+ hour bloody nose, he recommended that we purchase a humidifier.  I’m planning to follow his orders and live life like a complete slug for the next two days…

2.  My Dear and I are proud new parents of a 10-week-old, 4 pound, pure bred, male toy poodle!

stunner in his sweater

Last night we enjoyed our first night as a little family!  Charlie had no idea what to do when he first got home.  After he sniffed every corner, played with his toys, and let us eat some dinner, we all cuddled on the couch and he fell asleep laying on our chest [it was precious]…  We eventually put him into his crate when we headed to bed and he slept quietly throughout the whole night!

Charlie, the cuddler


A recap of my past few days [in 3’s]…

3 things that caught my eye at Costco:

PB & J in a bag

peanut Butter and dark chocolate protein

pre-made vanilla Belgian waffles

3 things that my belly has enjoyed consuming:

pita pizza and roasted squash


PB & J yogurt & oats [oats + strawberry Chobani + PB Puffins]

3 new moves I want to try at the gym [as seen in Shape magazine, December 2011]:

“reverse chop” to work the core

“cross jack” to work the legs and shoulders

“plank heel touch” to work the abs, lower back, chest, shoulders, and triceps

3 things that I’ve been doing:

checking out features of the Wii

paying bills

getting organized

3 things that I’m looking forward to:

a new Shark [vacuum]

beautiful and warming fires

cookie cutter ornaments [an idea for Christmas 2012]

3 things that have been keeping me warm:

i’ll look silly to feel warm

a new [Cabi] sweater from my momma for Christmas

toasty [knee-high] toe socks

Question:  What’s your fave oatmeal mix-ins?  The PB & J flavors tasted awesome this morning…

Question:  Have you read any good books lately?  My momma gave me “House Rules” by Jodi Picoult for Christmas that I hope to start today or tomorrow…



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8 responses to “A Slug & A Pup

  1. Marcee

    Oh Allison. Bummer. Get well soon. My message from yesterday!

    Takes time. You will be better!

    In the past, my doc gave me Z-paks also. Truthfully, I’m never happy w/anti-biotics tho. Gotta fight the infection.

    You picked an absolutely gorgeous sweater for your precious wee-one. Wow. The cutest poodle ever!

    We brought home our Jamie when he was 3 months old. Maybe the same age as Charlie. Best 14 years of our lives. In Sept. 2010 we said our final goodbyes. Jamie had an enlarged heart. We miss him.

    Take it easy Allison. Restup.

    • Life's a Bowl

      Thanks… I’m relaxing on the couch but still getting a lot done, while Charlie takes a nap- it’s a good day 🙂

  2. Yay puppies!!!!!! I like those moves from Shape. The plank heel touch looks tough, but awesome!

  3. I love to make banana and pb oats, or use apple instead of the pb! It always reminds me of summertime for some reason…

    And you will LOVE that jodi picoult book! I have read every single one of her books 5 times over and love them all! If you want another to read, to me, the best is My Sister’s Keeper!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Mmm, I wanted to make banana bread style oats this morning but we were all out of bananas [a minor problem]!

      I saw “My Sister’s Keeper” but never read the book, nor did I make the connection that it was based on a book by her- thanks 🙂

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