Bringing Home Charlie

1.  Immediately after school I am going to the doctor.  My symptoms got worse as the day progressed yesterday…  My sore throat turned into a heavy chest [it literally feels like I have an elephant sitting on my chest!], a 12+ hour-long bloody nose [that was profusely bleeding and wouldn’t stop], shortness of breath, and deep coughs [that sound rather manly]…  I went to the school nurse this morning and she thinks it’s bronchitis.  Lovely [not].


2.  This evening My Dear and I are taking a short trip up to Maryland to BRING CHARLIE HOME!

lookin’ like a stud[muffin]

I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it!  I may have shown a dozen of my coworkers pictures of him 😀

On that note, I hope y’all have a fabulous rest of your day!  On the bright side, if I do in fact have bronchitis and the doctor recommends that I take it easy and use a sick day, at least I’ll have some fun, itty-bitty company!

Question:  What’s your go-to sick food?  I’ve been relying on citrus, ice cream, Sbucks, soup, and yogurt and they’ve all been very soothing!  Some softer carbs also have been happily consumed…

Question:  Should Charlie wear a winter coat for his walks?  He’s 10 weeks old, only 4 pounds, and it’s under 30 degrees [in the teens with the wind gusts]…  I’m thinking yes.



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12 responses to “Bringing Home Charlie

  1. Marcee

    Oh. Gee. Please get well soon. I dread being ill. It takes me forever to get healthy.

    They usually say no dairy products when you are coughing, gagging, etc. Causes throat build-up. Yucky stuff. Concentrate on liquids. Plain soups are great. I suppose noodles are good. Not sure re protein. Beans if you can do those. All veggies work for a body.

    Charlie is absolutely gorgeous. He looks like an old soul. Wow. Such tender skin under those curls. How amazing are these poodles! Did they take him away from him mama too soon? It’s been so long since I’ve had such a young pup, I forgot what they eat. 4 pounds. Gee. A delicate little guy. Be careful. Definitely ….. a nice soft cotton (maybe wool blend) sweater would be perfect.

    Enjoy Allison! Get better soon.

    Don’t forget oranges, Cutie-tangerines. Vtamin C things.

  2. I would at least put the little guy in a sweater – he’s adorable!

    My fav sick food is tomato soup and grilled cheese – I don’t know why, but It just makes me feel better (not less sick, but happy)

    • Life's a Bowl

      We ended up getting him a sweater! And tomato soup with grilled cheese is the epitome of sick food- that’s what my momma always used to make me [or noodles with butter and parm cheese] 😀

  3. Sorry to hear you’re sick. It sucks I know. I like to make hot lemon and honey drinks.

    Your little fella definitely needs a coat. Plus its fun shopping for dog clothes 😉

  4. Definitely get that pup a coat!! My dog still wears one!

    Ps. I just found your blog, it’s super cute!!

  5. AHHHHH! HOW FREAKIN EXCITING!!! CHARLIE IS SO SO CUTE!! I hope to see an explosion of pictures on the blog once you get him!!!! 😀

    • Life's a Bowl

      Haha, thanks! If anything, there might be too many puppy pictures in the future… He’s quite the momma’s boy 😛

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