Welcoming 2012


Last night my Dear and I stopped by my momma’s house before we went out to dinner…

For dinner, my brother, my momma, one of my momma’s friends, my Dear, and I went to Pulcinella.  My family and I have been going to Pulcinella since I was 4-years-old and we have never had a bad meal!  The hostesses and servers are friendly, the bread basket is always full, the food is delicious, and the atmosphere makes you feel like you’re in a small restaurant in Italy…

“authentic dishes from regions of south and northern Italy”

I had some Italian bread, a small house salad, and the Dell Ortolano pizza

i finished all my pizza, my brother didn’t…  i need to teach him how to eat until maximum capacity

[Side story:  In high school, I went on a school-sponsored trip to Italy.  We toured Florence, Rome, and a few of the smaller surrounding towns and had fabulous time.  We toured all of the breathtakingly beautiful sights and indulged in delicious eats.  But guess what…  The night my momma picked me up from the airport she asked me where I wanted to eat dinner.  You would think that after a week abroad and eating only bread, pasta, or pizza, I would have been tired of Italian… Nope, all I wanted was Pulcinella!  Moral of the story: there’s no need to travel across the ocean for an authentic meal, not saying that I don’t want to go back!]

My Dear and I ended up going back to my momma’s house after dinner, sat by the fire, watched Saturday Night Fever [hello hunky young John Travolta!], and our tiredness quickly sunk in.  The thought of celebrating New Year’s Eve downtown with friends sounded fabulous, but the driving factor didn’t sound very enticing…  Ultimately, we changed our plans and spent New Year’s Eve in the comfort of our own apartment.  We changed into our PJ’s, slipped under the blanket, and watched silly shows until the ball dropped at midnight…  A relaxing evening spent with family and friends is a perfect way to celebrate the new year in my mind!

pucker up, baby!

I woke up this morning at 6AM from a bad dream.  I couldn’t fall back asleep so I came out to the family room to watch some news [aka dozing in and out].  Weekend mornings are meant to be lazy…

i couldn’t make up my mind, so why not just some of all?!

another beautiful day in the neighborhood

hazelnut coffee,  courtesy of Mr. Keurig

Every new year I make a resolution that I soon forget because they’re generic and I make one just because everyone else does [and it seems like the cool thing to do, JK].  This year I have a few resolutions in mind that I’ll share later this week.  I’m hoping that if I track my progress on the blog and create a resolution [or two] with my Dear, I will have to hold myself accountable…  We shall see!

Question:  What’s your fave thing to order at Italian restaurants?

Question:  Did you stay in or go out last night?



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8 responses to “Welcoming 2012

  1. Love your dress! I stayed in too, what better way to ring in the new year than relaxation and waking up feeling well rested! Looking forward to hearing about your resolutions!

    • Life's a Bowl

      It was definitely nice waking up this morning and not regretting any of my decisions from last night 😛 Hope you had a great celebration and happy new year!

  2. Rachel

    Just found your blog because I recieved your secret santa gift yesterday-can’t wait to read more! thanks so much for the yummies and such, glad you had a beautiful new years!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Aw yay! Again, as I mentioned in the little note, sorry it’s late but def wanted to send it [a little post-Christmas cheer?]! Hope you had a fabulous night celebrating last night… Best wishes for 2012 😀

  3. I was definitely at home last night!!!! My favorite thing to order at an Italian restaurant is definitely BREADSTICKS!! 🙂

  4. I stayed in last night- and it was great! Its fun to go out sometimes, but its super fun to wake up without the hangover!!

    I love all cereals too! I could live on cereal alone (almost!) 😉

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