So Much Excitement

No words can express how EXCITING the past couple of days have been…

beautiful flowers from my Dear

sporting my new lulu clothes

complete goofball

shopping kitchen sales

getting a [major] sweat on


he’s 10 weeks old, itty-bitty, and a whole lotta fun!

we’re bringing him home later this week!

After we left the kennel, the fun continued…  I got a Keurig!

On the food front, things have been [almost as, but not quite as] exciting…

a Teet lunch date

Cliff Mojo bar  [sweet + salty = whole lotta flava]

breakfast [pasta] for dinner

pumpkin pie baked french toast

Few words, many pictures, lots of excitement!

The sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day- I’m taking it as a sign that 2012 is going to be a great year!  My Dear and I are headed out to run some errands [aka buying puppy supplies] or to see a movie this afternoon.  Tonight we’re planning to have dinner with my momma and then later head downtown to spend New Year’s Eve with some friends [playing board games and sipping champagne]!

Happy New Year!


Question:  What should we name our new puppy?  Currently, my vote is for “Pepper” or “Charlie”…

Question:  How are you celebrating New Year’s Eve?


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10 responses to “So Much Excitement

  1. oh those flowers are beautiful! happy new year!

  2. I agree- Charlie is cute! Congrats on the puppy and the Keurig! Have a happy new year!!

  3. Marcee ..... ILLINOIS

    Hi Allison. Have read many of your posts. First time post for moi tho.

    Was your little fluff ball a rescue?

    Poodles are fantastic! Totally loving and sooo smart. They are always near and dear to their primary caregiver. “Pepper” or “Charlie” is fine. We named our little fella (poodle too) Jamie. He was given to us from a friend of our vet. She was not breeder whatsoever.

    The best of health and great times for 2012. It will be wonderful fun (AND funny!) with your little fur-baby! Poochies teach us a lot of groovy things!


    • Life's a Bowl

      Thanks! Nope, we went to the same kennel that my family and I bought our first puppy from [almost 15 years ago]… The facility is fabulous, the staff is caring, and the puppies are healthy and adorable!

      Thank you for the well wishes and wishing the same for you in 2012 😀

  4. A Puppy and Keurig!?!??!?!? That is SO awesome. I love the name Charlie or Jack!!

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