“Life is here, now.”

Back in August, one of my good girlfriend Heather wrote a fabulous guest post about accepting her body for what it is and transitioning from the straight size to the plus size modeling world.

Over the past few months, Heather has been busy traveling nonstop for jobs that include the plus size lingerie company Hips and Curves, Slink Magazine, Zappos, QVC, and American Apparel.  And next month she plans to go to LA, NYC, and Costa Rica!

Heather is more than a pretty face, she is also a great role model for women, young and old [and myself included]…  Here’s her story [as seen on her website]:

What you see here is a 70 pound difference. I grew up a bigger girl; but for 8 years of my life, I lived in a mental prison. I constantly counted calories and obsessively worked out to an unhealthy size 0 with 9% body fat. I lost my period for five years. My butt cheeks didn’t even touch! (Yep, you heard me…) Nothing mattered but performing my rituals and compulsions I conjured up in my head. I did not have any space in my brain to see the world around me, connect with people, and ultimately live. Constantly striving to be something else, you do not have time to think about the important things in life — friends, loved ones, learning, giving back, following your passions, etc. I was always thinking, “When I weigh ___, I’ll be happy… my life will be perfect.” This is the biggest lie in the world. Life is here, now. You cannot wait for a certain event or milestone to truly begin living your life.

So with time, countless doctors, helpful books, and role models in the plus industry, I began to heal. The transformation was not easy (it was actually quite hellish), but I made a decision to choose freedom. I started listening to my body and respecting it. I eat whole foods and love working out. I want to prove to people that you can be healthy at any size. My motto is to just be as healthy as I can be (body, mind, & soul), and wherever I end up, is where I’m supposed to be . It is my passion to show people that once you are true to your authentic self, doors begin to open and you can truly live your life to the fullest.

Check out some of her most recent [stunningly beautiful] work…

Be sure to check out Heather on tumblr or her website!

“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.”

~ Albert Einstein

Question:  Who is your greatest role model?

Question:  What motivates you to truly be you?


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12 responses to ““Life is here, now.”

  1. Gorgeous pictures. That’s such a motivational story. I like the part about “life is here, now.” Such a good reminder.

  2. Erin

    This is so motivational and such a truthful and enlightening story!! Heather, you look a MILLION times more beautiful now than 70 pounds lighter. Your inner beauty shines through to make your outer beauty even more evident!! I am so happy that you are on a mission to pass on this message!! Your an amazing person, and woman!!

  3. She is beautiful! She seriously looks amazing, and I think the term “plus sized” is so silly, and most of all, inaccurate. It’s normal, it’s lovely, and it’s perfect in each person’s own way.

  4. Wow, she is absolutely gorgeous and such a role model! I’m glad she’s still able to do what she loves!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Trust me, she is just as beautiful in real life as she is in those pictures! She and others have helped me to realize that happiness comes from within and everything else will fall into place…

  5. What a beautiful post! Heather is a gorgeous person in and out. It’s really eye opening to read what she was going through as a size 0 model — it should be obvious that not everyone is meant to be that size, but it’s helpful to be reminded every now and again.

  6. Allison, I absolutely LOVE the post. So inspirational! What motivates me to be me is just how good it feels! I love listening to my body and eating what my body asks for it, when it asks for it, and being active! When you can feel your body’s strength from the inside out it is truly amazing! Thanks for the post and happy 2012!

    • Life's a Bowl

      That is awesome! It’s amazing how strong and “telling” our bodies can be- the body-mind connection…

      Thanks, Happy New Years to you too 😀

  7. Wow, Heather is absolutely stunning. Thanks so much for sharing her story with us, Allison! I think we need more reminders that this is what “real” looks like. Even though we’re well aware that most models are far too skinny to be healthy, the waif-like ideal remains high on a pedestal. Only when we make the choice to celebrate and accept our bodies as they’re made to be, can we truly live a life free from such unrealistic expectations!

    Cheers to health and happiness in 2012! Hope you have a great New Years! xoxo

    • Life's a Bowl

      I couldn’t agree more… We need to see more “real” [not sure of a better word] role models and I think as time goes on, we will!

      Thanks and Happy New Years to you too 😀

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