What I Learned Wednesday [Yoga] 12.28.11

This morning I met one of my girlfriends at the gym to do a yoga class…  Some things that I learned:


  • Never show up on time to class, you must arrive early to get a mat, find a spot, situate yourself, and sit patiently until the instructor arrives…  I showed up at 10:45AM [when the class was scheduled for] and the instructor already had begun
  • Yoga will make you sweat…  I’m not sure if I was sweating from my lack of experience or because the thermostat was set to 82 degrees
  • I’m not a fan of the tranquil music…  I think it distracts me more than calms me
  • Yoga requires flexibility and strength…  My hyper mobile joints and flexibility are an asset, but my lack of upper body strength is a deficit
  • The “extended side angle” pose feels great on the whole body


  • “Cat” pose is a great back stretch


  • I have unknowingly done a yoga pose since childhood, the “supported shoulderstand”


  • A complete spandex outfit is totally acceptable [even for men?] to wear
  • I don’t know how to meditate
  • I need to incorporate more yoga classes into my exercise routine, as advised by my doctor who says it would help alleviate some of my joint pains and muscle tightness

Question:  Do you practice yoga?

Question:  What’s your fave yoga pose?



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4 responses to “What I Learned Wednesday [Yoga] 12.28.11

  1. I can’t handle yoga because I get to jittery! Some people say I need to do it more often but it stresses me out more than it helps! I would rather spend the hour running!

    • Life's a Bowl

      I am totally the same way- I think a 30 min class would be the perfect length! I ended up doing some cardio later because I was so jittery 😛

  2. I love yoga but don’t do it that often anymore. Favorite pose: pigeon, feels good and you’re partly laying down 🙂

    • Life's a Bowl

      I had to totally look up “pigeon” pose- yesss that felt so good too! I especially liked it when we leaned forward and put our chest to the ground and stretched our hips!

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