Doing What I Want

This week I am thoroughly enjoying my first winter break as a teacher!

Over the weekend went to the mall to spend some of my Christmas monies…  Despite all of the traffic and aggressive drivers, it was totes worth it!  All of the stores had awesome sales [that felt almost like steals]!  Unfortunately, lululemon, didn’t have any “steal-like” sales, but they did have quite a few sale racks that lured me in…

2 bras, 2 tops, 2 bottoms

I also got a sequined dress [for bday party] from Francesca’s!

i wonder if Marilyn would approve?

The rest of my plans for the week include lots of…


Avoiding the doctor’s office…

Enjoying some tasty eats…

a garbage bowl salad topped with a veggie burger

Fage…  this stuff seriously tastes like cherry pie filling [the addition of graham crackers would be a good “crust”]

gingerbread men- why does everyone bite the head off first?

yogurt bowl [apple butter Greek yogurt + PB Puffins + freeze-dried strawberries and bananas]

turkey + hummus pressed pita pocket

whole wheat brancakes topped with apple butter cottage cheese

Playing with Christmas presents and my DSLR camera [a birthday present]…

Catching up with girlfriends…

a yoga class [at the gym not on the beach, although the beach would be nice!]

seeing New Year’s Eve

Getting my sweat on…

And, looking for a puppy!


P.S.  My good friend Heather [who did a fabulous guest post in August] has been flourishing in the modeling world and has graciously offered to share some of her most recent photos…  Stay tuned later this week!

Question:  My Dear bought be a fabulous coffee/ espresso combo machine for Christmas but unfortunately, it didn’t work properly so we returned it.  I’m supposed to look online this week and pick out a new one- what should I get?  A coffee/ espresso combo machine or a Keuirg…

Question:  Do you have to work this week?



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6 responses to “Doing What I Want

  1. Candice

    I have to go check out the Lululemon sales this week. I got a gift card for Christmas so I want to make the most of it! Love the stuff you picked out!

    • Life's a Bowl

      There were 4-5 sale racks! Unfortunately, there weren’t any “goove” pants on sale so I paid full price for those, but everything else was a sale item!

  2. From a non-coffee drinker (so I don’t know how valid my opinion is), get a Keurig! Everyone I know who has one absolutely loves it, we have one in every single break room at work and they seem to always be keeping everyone happy and caffeinated 🙂

    • Life's a Bowl

      I like the idea of having a machine that can make more than just a cup of coffee and making it fast… But I also like the idea of making homemade cappuccinos… Gah, tough choice!

  3. i would get a coffee/espresso machine. I have a Keurig and use the re-fillable thingy-ma-jig instead of buying little K cups (which are so wasteful and terrible for the environment!!), but the bad thing is that it is hard to change the strength of the coffee. So I’d go for the coffee machine!!

    also picking out a puppy sounds SOOO EXCITING!!

    I also love that sequined dress!

    • Life's a Bowl

      I had no clue that Keurig’s also have a re-fillable option?! So happy I’m asking for advice, learning so many new things…

      Looking for a puppy is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work! We keep looking at adorable pictures and changing our mind 😛 Thinking adoption is a better idea than buying…

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