Yesterday morning I woke up before the sunrise to go downtown for a CT scan and for an appointment with a gastroenterologist [more on that another day]- I owe a big schpank you to my Dear for waking up at 5AM to go with me…  BTW: the barium contrast that you’re required to drink for CT scans is NOT pleasant- you have a choice of a chalky, white paste that looks like Elmer’s glue OR a clear liquid that tastes like moldy, stale water…  Which one would you choose?!

Thankfully, the afternoon was filled with many things that made me happy 🙂

Happy #1: A mani/ pedi date with my momma…

sparkly red on my fingers for Christmas

and sparkly black on my toes for New Year’s [chubby + long toes = beat feet]

Happy #2: A Teet lunch date with my Dear…

they have the best salad bar and baguettes in town [as displayed, courtesy of my Dear]!

Happy #3: Shopping…

the mall is always so beautiful during the holiday’s [minus all last-minute mayhem]

Happy #4: Seeing Mission Impossible


i’ll sit for 2+ hours to watch good-looking men climb buildings, crash cars, and chase after “bad” guys

Happy #5: Watching Modern Family with dinner [it was hilarious]!


And the happiness has continued through to today- there’s something about the holiday season…

Happy #6: Saving $35 at the grocery store and having a kitchen full of food…

i love shopping sales [buy one, get one free Fresca or ice cream? oh yeah, i’m sold]

Happy #7: Blackberries…

i thought blackberries were a summer fruit?  regardless, these were BERRY good [baha]

Happy #8:  Another Teet lunch…

same meal, different setting

Happy #9: Watching YouTube videos of Christmas light shows…



girl look at that [house], i [light up], girl look at that [house], i [light up]!

Happy #10: We’re having burrito night- it’s far from the traditional Christmas Eve dinner, but it’s fun!


Question:  Do you watch Modern Family?  What’s your fave season?

Question:  What’s your traditional Christmas Eve dinner?



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6 responses to “Happies

  1. sorry bout having to down the gross liquid for your CT scan. hope everything is all good.

    love mani pedis! i havent had one in years. (Sad)

    salad bars are the best! both of yours are drool worthy

    i love sales at grocery stores. i am THE bargain huntah!


    • Life's a Bowl

      Girl, you gotta treat yourself to a mani/ pedi- ultimate relaxation [and festive for the holidays]! Sounds like we should totes hit up the stores- two sale shoppers could be dangerous ;P

  2. I hope that your CT scan doesn’t show anything bad! I had one when I was younger, and it was not pleasant for sure. I’m glad you had a ton of awesome things going on to make the rest of your Christmas Eve better. Merry Christmas!

  3. Marissa

    WAIT this is so creepy. .. that’s Tyson’s… and that’s the Harris Teeter right by Tysons/in Vienna – we totes live in the same location haha . .. now I’m kind of wondering what middle school you teach at..

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