Coffee Cake, Tinsel, & Microwaved Eggs

Good evening!  I gotta run out to Target [and maybe Michael’s] to get the last few things for our class holiday party tomorrow so tonight I’m gonna let the pictures do most of the talking…

note to self: start wearing more scarves for instant warmth

Sbucks, we “rediscover why we’re best friends” every morning 😉

it may look like a mess, but it tasted like greatness…  it will def be repeated, tomorrow perhaps?

cottage cheese + cinnamon + Splenda + PB Puffins + Cheerios + corn VitaTop = VitaTop Cinnamon Coffee Cake Bowl

Happy Holidays from Ms. Flaherty’s class!

a grapefruit a day keeps the doctor away

string cheese: peel or bite?  me: bite!

tried to make the fishes give kisses but they didn’t match up- the new graham Goldfish only have a smile on one side?!

spring cleaning has come [6 months] early

i’m notorious for burning popcorn, but alas, not today!

a while back, I read a post by Monica from Run Eat Repeat about microwaving eggs- she suggested putting a small bowl of water into the microwave with the eggs to prevent them from popping and splattering [always my problem]…  IDK why it took me so long to try it, but it totes works!

“First say to yourself what you would be; then do what you have to do.”

~ Epictetus


Funny Christmas


Question:  Did you have a holiday party at work?  My Dear and I are going to his tomorrow night but mine isn’t scheduled until February…  I gotta admit, I’m a little jealous of Janae’s “Amazing Race” themed holiday party

Question:  What’s your fave holiday flavor?  Gingerbread or peppermint for me…


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4 responses to “Coffee Cake, Tinsel, & Microwaved Eggs

  1. No Christmas party for my work since I don’t really work with anyone, and when I do we commute more than 200 miles to see each other! haha!

    And I love gingerbread and peppermint too during the holidays!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Aw, you could host your own little holiday celebration?! Invite some of the animals?

      P.S. Any fave gingerbread/ peppermint recipes?

  2. Cute post sweetie. I really like your scarf 🙂 xo

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