Tuesday’s Texts

Yesterday’s post was a little blah [sorry cleaning isn’t my fave], BUT I sure was happy to come home to a sparkling clean apartment this afternoon!

Today I was in a fab mood 😀  Maybe it’s because I’m 37.5% of the way done with my first year teaching [aka half way done with the second quarter, interim grades are due tomorrow]?!  Or maybe it’s because of the text messages I received this morning?!

Text numero uno from my momma…

Sorry momma, but I really don’t think that “dancing, sequined frogs” are still in style, haha!  But, it should work perfectly for a party my Dear and I are planning to go to on Friday!

Text numero dos from one of my girlfriends…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TSWIFT!  You totes rock my world!

Anddd it may not be a text message, but it still is text [words are text, uh duh] from a banana…

I immediately felt the need to sticker it onto my Dear’s forehead [thanks Chiquita]!

P.S.  My eats today were less than eventful because my stomach wasn’t very happy, I’m sure yours were better…

Question:  What’s the funniest text you’ve ever received?

Question:  Do your bananas have stickers?


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5 responses to “Tuesday’s Texts

  1. Hahahahahaha love that text for your Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Haha she called this morning and clarified that she does NOT think it’s still in style, she meant to say that she didn’t know if it was “Christmasy” enough 😛 Sureee mom haha!

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  3. Bwahaha! I love your Mom’s response to a tacky sweater request. My mom recently was telling me about a purchase from the Quacker Factory lady. I had to stop her from going on because I was laughing so hard.

    • Life's a Bowl

      I was suprised that she thought sequined frogs were in-style because she has totes redone her wardrobe over the past two years and I think she’s stylin’… I guess I misinterpreted her message 😛

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