Cleaning Days = Dreaded Days

I now realize, I was spoiled as a child.


No, my parents did not do my homework…  But they did hire a maid.  She would come once a week and all I had to do was just make sure that my toys were put away and my clothes were off the ground.  I didn’t have to vacuum my carpet, or sweep my floors, or dust around the edges, or Clorox my bathroom…

But since I entered the “real world” [aka college], things changed.  Okay, so my studio apartment wasn’t much bigger than a walk-in closet and our current, 1-bedroom apartment isn’t huge, but all of the chores quickly add up- sweep the floors, Swiffer the floors, vacuum, clean the counters, clean the toilet, clean the tub, dust, empty the trash cans, clean the appliances, do the laundry…  You get the idea.

I don’t mind some of the domestic chores like washing the dishes, emptying the dishwasher, cooking, or even sweeping the deck, but I do not care for everything else.  Maybe it’s because in college I had to carry my gigantic laundry bag down a flight of stairs, outside, and over a few brownstones, or because our current washer/ dryer is louder than a freight train, or because our vacuum is a piece of s*%# …  Regardless, cleaning days are dreaded days in my mind.


Remember yesterday’s to-do list?  Well, I got the majority of it done but there were a few things I left for today…  The cleaning.  Today, I did it, all of it.  It’s done, all of it.  It’s clean as a whistle, all of it.

My Dear just got home.  I’m not sure what we’ll end up doing tonight?   We talked about going to the thrift store since I turned his white shirt into a tie-dye shirt…  I swear it’s a sign I shouldn’t do the laundry 😛

P.S.  Yesterday really got me in the holiday spirit- we bought our Christmas tree and I made some Rudolph cookies…  It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Question:  What’s your least favorite chore?

Question:  Colored or white lights?



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3 responses to “Cleaning Days = Dreaded Days

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  2. sometimes I dont mind cleaning, but if I am tired… it is the LAST THING I want to do.

    I also dislike the job of taking out the trash. oh and coin-laundry/ laundromats are rough!! I remember hauling 4 bags full of clothes, and barely being able to balance to my car.

    • Life's a Bowl

      I don’t mind some cleaning duties, but vacuuming and doing laundry are my least favorite… But once it’s all done, it’s so rewarding!

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