To-Do’s are To-Did’s 12.11.11

This morning’s to-do’s…

Are tonight’s to-did’s…

Yesterday’s breakfast was too good and had to be repeated…

I know he really loves my green monsters…  BTW, those are totes the same pair I bought way back in middle school- Steve Madden, why did you stop making them?!

TCS [The Container Store] has some of the darndest cute Christmas things, but they also have some of the darndest expensive prices!

Typical Sunday Teet lunch [salad bar + La Brea baguette], it’ll never get old…

The sun makes this pic look kinda artsy-fartsy, no?!  That’s totes what I was going for- not!  It was sooo cold in the grocery store we grabbed a table that was in the sun to warm up…

elliptical + power walk

snacky timeee [+ an apple]

I thought the red ones kinda look like Rudolph’s nose and the pretzels like his antlers?  Whatcha think, Rudolph cookies?!

See the pretty Rudolph’s in the front?  See the messy ones in the back?  Guess what…  My Dear is a better “baker” [candy artist?] than me!

pizza + TV + ice cream sundae + my Dear = happy night 😀

And tomorrow’s to-do’s…

  • Dust
  • Vacuum
  • Decorate the Christmas tree
  • Hang shelves in the bedroom

Finally, I’m to-done!

P.S.  Some pictures from our walk [and skate] on Saturday morning to Sbucks 🙂  It was such a bea-uuu-tiful day [we ended up going for an afternoon walk too]!

Question:  Where’s your favorite salad bar?  The Teet [aka Harris Teeter]!

Question:  Chocolate and pretzels, sweet and salty- yay or nay?  YAY!



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9 responses to “To-Do’s are To-Did’s 12.11.11

  1. You are super organised and busy! Nice! Ah I see the elyptical… nice workout.

    I love sweet and salty!! In Australia, we don’t do it… but in the US… chocolate pretzels and kettle korn… so good!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Haha, I’m a little OCD- you should see me color-coded planner 😛 They don’t do sweet + salty combos in Australia?! Ohhh, chocolate covered pretzels are yummy!

  2. I just went to my University’s dining hall to create a monster salad that is waiting for my to devour at dinner. 🙂

  3. Marlena

    I definitely had a pair of those slippers in purple. They were the best! Wonder if I still have them in my closet?!?

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  5. I also had those slippers in purple! That was after I wore my black ones through the rubber sole. What a blast from the past!

    My favorite salad bar is whole foods! Except that my eyes are always wayyyy bigger than my stomach and I end up with a 3 pound salad!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Haha, so many of my girlfriends had them- IDK why Steve Madden stopped making them?! I’ve actually never gotten a salad from the WF bar, but all of their mixings look delic 😀

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