Best Batch Yet

“He who goes to bed hungry dreams of pancakes.”

~ Maltese Proverb

I did it again.  I gave into my craving.  I’ve wanted them all week but I didn’t have time.  But on the weekend, I have all the time in the world….  I made brancakes.

I didn’t do anything differently, I followed my usual recipe to the dot- but something about these brancakes were different.  They were so fluffy, spongy, thick, and moist!  Dare I say, they were the best batch that I have ever made?!

Of course they were accompanied by some tasty sides [an apple, egg whites w/ Parmesan cheese + salsa, Canadian bacon], but the star of the show was def the ‘cakes…

Topped with a dollop of Greek yogurt + TJ’s Apple Butter, the combo was mouth-watering…

My Dear is still sound asleep.  Too bad he slept through the best batch yet.  Maybe he’ll wake up earlier tomorrow morning after I brag about the ‘cakes [while he eats his typical cold bowl of cereal]- cruel and unusual punishment?!  There’s always tomorrow 😛


“The laziest man I ever met pup popcorn in his pancakes so they would turn over by themselves.”

~ W.C. Fields

Question:  Whatcha make for bfast this morning?

Question:  “Pancakes” or “flapjacks”?



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8 responses to “Best Batch Yet

  1. I am alwayyyyyyyyys so intrigued by your bran cakes 🙂 I think I shall give ’em a try girl 🙂 Honestly. They always look so delish!

  2. That breakfast looks so cool! It looks like one you might get at a fancy hotel buffet.

    I on the other hand ate on the other end of the scale, a hostel. White bread toast and a cut up grapefruit. It was alright, but yours was heaps better 🙂

    • Life's a Bowl

      Thanks 😀 If only I had more time to make “hotel style” breakfasts throughout the week! I’ve never stayed in a hostel, but have heard it’s a great and affordable way to travel… Hope you’re having a fab time wherever you are!

  3. Yummm these look divine! I made scrambled eggs this mornijng, and pancakes all the way!

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