Superfoods…  Can they save your life?  Just maybe!


We all know that certain foods are better for us than others [fruits and veggies vs. sweets and sugars], and there are “superfoods” that we should incorporate into our daily diets such as low-fat and non-fat plain yogurt, eggs, nuts, kiwis, quinoa, beans, salmon, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and berries…  BUT WAIT, there are 6 more…  Eat This, Not That suggests that there are “6 Superfoods in Disguise”!


Full-Fat Cheese…  It contains casein protein which is a muscle-building nutrient

Iceberg Lettuce…  A half of a head contains more alpha-carotene [a powerful disease-fighting antioxidant] than romaine or spinach

Mushrooms…  They contain metabolites [by-products ­that are created when mushrooms are broken down during digestion] which are shown to boost immunity and prevent cancer growth

Pork Chops…  It contains almost five times the selenium [a mineral linked to lower risks of prostate cancer] of beef and two times of chicken; in addition, it has been shown to help people preserve muscle when trying to lose weight

Red Pepper Flakes…  Studies have proven that consuming approximately one gram [1/2 teaspoon] of red-pepper flakes 30 minutes before eating a meal, can reduce calorie intake by 16 percent; in addition, recent studies suggest that its active ingredient [capsaicin] may help kill cancer cells

Vinegar…  Research has shown that when people consume approximately 2 tablespoons of vinegar while eating a high-carb meal, their blood sugar was 23 percent lower than when they didn’t use the antioxidant-loaded liquid

Hm, so how do I make out?!

Full-fat cheese?  Not for me.  I’ve never been medically diagnosed with lactose intolerance, but I’ve learned [the hard way] that I can’t handle full-fat dairy.  Non-fat or low-fat, count me in.  Hard cheeses [Pecorino Romano or parmesan], sure, I’d love a sprinkle…

Iceberg lettuce?  Only when we go out to eat for Mexican [tacos]…  But at home I usually grab a bag of spinach, a head of romaine, or a bag of broccoli slaw for my salads…

Mushrooms?  Oh yeah, everyday- white, cremini, Portobello, any!  They’re awesome on top of salads, sautéed on top of chicken or steak, cooked into pastas, or even raw topped with a little salsa…

Pork chops?  Pork, the other white meat!  Yup, we’ve got plenty in our freezer [thanks Costco]!  It pairs fabulously with cabbage and fruit…

Red pepper flakes?  All day everyday- this girl can take the heat!  With meats, vegetables, soups…

Vinegar?  Def, it’s my go-to salad dressing!  Apple cider, balsamic, red wine…

Overall, I think I’d give myself 4.5 out of 6?!  I lost a point for the full-fat cheese and only gave myself a half point for iceberg lettuce…  I’d say my diet is pretty superfood fabulous!

As for my lunch today, it wasn’t superfood-filled…

JUICYYYY grapefruit- so thankful it’s citrus season again!

Greek yogurt + pumpkin pie spice + Splenda + Kashi Go Lean [all swirled up]

Romaine lettuce + cabbage slaw + cucumber + mushrooms + Roma tomato + tuna fish + salsa & mustard dressing

Pretzels [all crushed up, what the fudge?]

Lovin’ me some VitaTops!

But I did have some red pepper flakes on my egg sandwich this morning!  And there is always room for improvement at dinner…

P.S.  Our new family room furniture [a sectional sofa and coffee table] is being delivered tonight…  Out with the old, in with the new- TONS OF EXCITEMENT 😀

Question:  How many superfoods do you eat regularly?

Question:  What are your “super” drinks?! 



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2 responses to “SUPERfoods

  1. whitney

    just read an article about kale this morning ( we eat kale “chips” all the time; they’re super easy to make and sooo delicious. have you tried ’em?

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