Raindrops Falling On My Window

Something about the rain makes me feel lazy and all I wanna do is cuddle under the covers and watch movies.  In honor of the lazy, rainy day, lots of pictures and little no words….

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

~ Napoleon Bonaparte

5AM, nah…  6AM,  yeah!  A whole extra hour of sleep!

BOOM…  Peppermint patty in a cup!

That was the most beautiful apple I’ve ever laid my muddy pond water [brown] eyes on!  And the juiciest apple I’ve sunk my pearly whites into…

Schoolwork < Recipes

Insert: a snackified lunch [veggies, grapefruit, yogurt, string cheese, pretzels, a VitaTop]

Rain, rain, GO AWAY [you’ve been here all day]!

One of the most delic snacks I’ve made in a longgg time!

I swear that’s not a whole jar of mustard on my broccoli’s- some people like ketchup, I like mustard 😛

VitaTop + Ice Cream + Whipped Cream = HEAVEN IN A BOWL

Gotta get back to business aka watching Christmas Vacation 😀


Question:  Fave breakfast for dinner meal?

Question:  Syrup or other topping on your ‘cakes?


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2 responses to “Raindrops Falling On My Window

  1. I love a good Napoleon Bonaparte quote! 😉

    I love breakfast for dinner!! I like fruit with yogurt and cereal. Or waffles. An omelette makes sense as a dinner I guess as well.

    I eat cereal out of the box all the time. Perfect handful sized snacks!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Waffles and eggs are def my fave hot bfast choices, in morning or night! But I can and do eat [many] handfuls of cereal 🙂 Peanut Butter Puffins are my most recent find, oh em gee!

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