Sunday Funday

Today was definitely a Sunday Funday!

Brancakes [with an apple butter + cottage cheese topping] for breakfast…

An exclusive Nordstrom members shopping event with my momma…

Some more shopping…

A Teet lunch date with my Dear…

An easy workout…

Furniture shopping for the family room…

A quick trip to Costco and Target for a few groceries…

And ending the day with dessert in front of a crackling fire…

Good shopping.  Good food.  Good company…  I wish Sundays could always be this fun 😀

Question:  Whatcha do for your “Sunday Funday”?

Question:  What’s your favorite ice cream combo?



Filed under Family, Fitness, Food, Shopping

4 responses to “Sunday Funday

  1. Oh my! I need to try this apple butter and cottage cheese combo 🙂 thanks love

  2. My Sunday Funday included a run in the snow with my dog and a good nap!! 🙂 I love the shell toppings that freeze on top of ice cream. There’s a cake batter one that is AWESOME!

    • Life's a Bowl

      Oh my, a snowy run?! We haven’t seen any snow yet, only frosty cars in the morning… Haven’t seen shell toppings, but liquid cake batter, YUM!

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